Founded in 1997, Artists for a Better World, International “has been dedicated to building a worldwide network of artist creating in a variety of art forms who share a vision of shaping a better world through aesthetics. It is open to artists and art enthusiasts of all races, faiths, nationalities, creeds and cultures.” (

This is a membership group with different levels of membership and participation, but all support the idea of artists making a difference.

It’s fun browsing through their website at

But the exciting news is that on August 8, 2021, the Florida Chapter of Artists for a Better World arrived in Clearwater.

Earlier, through our CES sponsored website,, we interviewed founder Barbara Cordova. Barbara announced that the Florida Chapter would be coming to Clearwater and there was a grand opening event on August 8 at the Clearwater Community Volunteer Center in downtown Clearwater. See interview here:
And while you’re there, browse through the rest of the website to get a feel for the magnitude of individuals and groups who do awesome things in our community!

Our own Oriana attended the Artists for a Better World event and took pictures and video footage. We are excited about this Florida chapter because there are a LOT of artists in this community. This gives them a platform to show and share their art, interact with others who are like-minded and get involved with social betterment activities this group is known for.

Click here to watch a short, beautiful video of the event:

Artists for a Better World – Florida Chapter Launch Event

We welcome you to Clearwater and know we will be following up on your exciting activities.