It’s pretty incredible to know people who are doing really good deeds, producing great products, creating beautiful art and inspiring others.

It turns out that our community is filled to the brim with so many wonderful and inspiring people, that we wanted others to know them too.

First we had our weekly “Talk of the Town” radio show, where guests would come on the show LIVE, to tell the viewers all about themselves, their products, their events and so on.

This was great and a lot of good news was broadcast to thousands of people.

Due to tricky scheduling conflicts, it was difficult to meet the confines of a one hour show, scheduled just one day a week. With these restrictions, we missed out on so many great guests, So, with the big-thinking of our CEO Patrick Clouden, we brought it all in-house!

With a beautiful new studio space and a lot of high-quality sound and video equipment, we invite both locals and out-of-towners in studio, for a friendly coffee-table chat, showing off all of the gems of our guests in a comfortable set-up!

We welcome them to tell their story and feature their business, activities and good deeds! We then produce professional promotional pieces for our friends with our creative processes of editing and we back it up with social media promotions!

Recently we have featured local artists, remarkable schools, unique businesses, and more!

All of our shows are up on our YouTube channel, “Talk of the Town with Lynn about Town,” and soon will be part of our very exciting website, which will be jammed-pack full of Good News! ONE location for you to visit for a warehouse of good stuff! Stay Tuned for our warehouse of good news, coming your way very soon!