Consumer Energy Solutions (CES) is in the business of Energy Efficiency Solutions! If your business is in a deregulated state we can help you get the best price in the current market because we do the homework—we work with the top energy suppliers in the country and get the best pricing available on a daily basis!

One of these energy supply companies serves over 213 thousand business and public sector customers and over 2 million residential customers in the states pictured above.

CES has become a vendor for this supplier in their Energy Efficiency Program. We are very excited about this and I want to take a moment to tell you what this could mean for your business.

In earlier articles you have read about one of CES’s products called IceCOLD® and the energy savings realized when it is installed in your cooling or refrigeration equipment. Visit our website at to find out more about how and why IceCOLD® works so well.

This huge energy supply company heard about IceCOLD® and how it can increase the energy efficiency of any cooling equipment in which it is installed. They wanted to make it available to their customers so invited CES to become a vendor in their Energy Efficiency Program.

Through this program, a commercial business that is in any of the states shown above may be able to finance energy efficiency upgrades directly to their electric bill, paying a doable amount every month over time. There is no upfront capital required from you, the customer. You see a fixed monthly payment appear on your electric bill. In this way you can fund energy conservation measures that perhaps otherwise could not be done.

If you have heard about IceCOLD® and would like to know more about how we can help you get this installed into the cooling or refrigeration system of your business, call us now. This energy efficiency upgrade is easier to do than you may think—especially since we are part of this energy supplier’s program.

If you haven’t heard much about IceCOLD® then read Jeannine’s article in this newsletter. Then take action. Call her at 844-277-0043 or email her at to get more information. This is truly a unique, state-of-the-art product that can extend the life of your cooling equipment, save you money, lower your carbon footprint and is totally GREEN.

If you want to know which energy supplier CES is working with on this IceCOLD project, call today! 844-277-0043.