25,050 Reasons to Convert Your Business to LED Lighting

It’s environmentally responsible

LED lighting does not use mercury gas, is completely recyclable, and so does not have a harmful effect on the environment (fluorescent lighting does).

LED lighting uses 50 to 90% less electricity

Imagine the immediate impact on your electric bill when the lighting portion of it is 50 to 90% lower! No, really. Look at last month’s electric bill and imagine the savings you will incur. Pretty exciting, isn’t it?

There are programs and incentives to help you do so.

With demand on energy having grown quite strongly in the last 30 years, the government has become very aggressive in promoting energy efficiency and, in 2007, they passed legislation phasing out all production and importation of traditional lighting by the end of 2014. They backed this up and continue to back up this initiative with various programs and incentives to get you to switch and, thus, incentivise you to do your part in using less electricity and energy. We can fill you in on any and all programs that your business can qualify for. Just call us at 844-277-0043.

Reduce labor & maintenance costs.

Fluorescent lamps require ballast and bulb replacement every 20,000 hours—this means you incur equipment costs (you have to buy the bulbs and ballasts, and labor costs every 20,000 hours).

LEDs do not use ballasts and are maintenance free for over 50,000 hours—no equipment or labor costs for the duration of the 5 year warranty!

It creates a better work environment and promotes more productivity.

Enhance performance at work with LED lights. Research indicates that typical light levels in offices and workplaces are static, not powerful enough and are not tuned to the correct color of light for task optimization.

LED lighting offers the ability to use blue-enriched white light at appropriate light levels to stimulate the brain, improve alertness, performance and productivity.

And now for the other 25,045 Reasons…

I submit for your consideration, this analysis of a small office building’s savings realized from an LED Conversion.


That’s right!
An annual savings of $25,050.27!

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