Save on Your CT Energy Rates

Electricity transmission lines against a blue sky.

It can be hard finding the best Connecticut electricity and natural gas rates. Prices fluctuate, and as an individual, you don’t have a lot of power to negotiate for the best electric rates or natural gas prices.

Fortunately, there’s a better way. The public utilities regulatory authority has made it so that Consumer Energy Solutions can work with energy suppliers to find you the best rates in your zip code, and then deliver that energy plan to you at the best fixed price possible.

Lock In Your Fixed Rate

As an electricity customer, you want the best electricity bill possible, and the best way to find it is to go to a company that has relationships with all the energy companies in your area. Consumer Energy Solutions has the power to negotiate with these utility companies to get the best prices possible from them. This includes the best natural gas prices in CT as well as getting you the best electricity rates available. We can then bundle them together and sell it to you for cheaper than what you would normally pay.  We are an equalizer, using our strength as a large broker to negotiate for the little guy – You.

What this means in practice is that we will work with you to ensure you lock in the right price for a period of time that best suits your business’s specific needs. Once you lock in the contract rate, those prices won’t change for you, even if there is a major spike in commercial energy rates in Connecticut.

Our Process

  1. With a copy of your bill, we can analyze your historical usage, rate class, zone, and load profile along with the number of accounts you manage to ensure you will receive the best rate(s) your account(s) qualifies for.If you are currently under contract, we can still help with forward start pricing. We have the capability of locking in today’s low rates for when your current agreement(s) ends.

    This will not have any negative effect on your current agreement. In most cases we represent the supplier you are currently with. So, we have the capability of pricing your accounts directly to negotiate on your behalf.

  2. We will take this information and get quotes from 25+ suppliers in your area and leverage our relationships to negotiate preferential rates for you then relay that deal to you.
  3. We use our knowledge of the current energy market to recommend what type of rate and contract is best for your business.
  4. Once we have the agreement between you and the energy supplier we will walk you through the terms and conditions, like legal information and cancellation fees, or answer any other questions you may have before you sign.
  5. Once everything is signed you’ll be introduced to one of our customer service representatives who will assist you with any future questions.

Save Money With Consumer Energy Solutions

The electricity market is a volatile place, and you want the best rate possible.  At Consumer Energy Solutions, we want to make energy easy, inexpensive, and clean. And in Connecticut, we’re doing exactly that. Take advantage of the energy and natural gas market and seize this opportunity to get the lowest rates avaliable. Get your free quote today!