Choose from the best and smartest electric and gas supply options

We offer the most advantageous options for you and your company, allowing economy and business sustainability.

Choose from the best and smartest electric and gas supply options

We offer the most advantageous options for you and your company, allowing economy and business sustainability.

What Is Commercial Energy?

Commercial energy is an energy source that is used to generate electricity and that is available for sale in the marketplace. Common forms of commercial energy are electricity, coal, petroleum, and natural gas. The price is determined by market forces such as supply and demand, the price of fuels, and government regulations. Commercial energy is generally split into two categories: conventional (electricity and natural gas) and unconventional, which covers green and renewable energies like solar, wind, and nuclear.  

Non-commercial energy is energy that is generally collected and used by the consumer, and not bought and sold in the marketplace. Examples of non-commercial energy include mostly rural materials such as log burning, cattle dung, and agricultural waste. 

Anytime you buy energy from a utility your business energy rates will fluctuate with the marketplace. For example, natural gas rates could be low when you sign up with the utility company but increase over time due to external factors. This increase will affect the commercial energy rates you pay.

However, through an energy broker, like Consumer Energy Solutions, you can be assured we will get you the best energy rate for your businesses. We also ensure the energy plan we provide will cover whatever your business needs are. Since commercial energy plans are generally fixed-rate your business electricity and gas rates will remain constant throughout the life of your contract. 

The type of plan that you have for commercial electricity will be determined by your energy consumption and the area in which you live. There are some places where you’re able to get better rates than others, but Consumer Energy Solutions is always committed to working our connections with the commercial energy providers to get you the lowest monthly bill possible.

Energy Programs Available by State:

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How We Operate

In order to get you the lowest commercial energy bill possible, these are the steps our team goes through.

Look at Your Historical Energy Usage

The first thing that we do is to look at what your business is using currently, especially looking at how your use fluctuates with the season. We want to know everything about your usage so we know exactly what kind of energy plan you need.

Compare to Our 25+ Energy Suppliers

We then take our assessment of your energy consumption needs and history and begin to work our connections with more than 25 commercial energy suppliers to get the best supplier for you to work with. We want to ensure that you’re getting commercial electricity rates and commercial natural gas plans that are precisely what you need for your business.

Provide Information on the Energy Market

We then work with you to give you the big picture. We want to talk about the natural gas market, for example, and where we see it moving in the life of our contract with you. We want to make sure that the natural gas service that we offer you is perfect for your business’s specific needs, be that a fixed rate, or a custom plan.

Secure the Terms and Conditions

We then work to nail down all the terms and conditions that go into getting commercial energy for your small business. We want you to be aware of what’s coming with every billing cycle. We want to lay it all out, so you can see it with complete transparency. 

Contact From a Customer Service Representative

Finally, you will be contacted by a customer service representative who will be assigned to you and your needs, and that will always be your first point of contact in any commercial energy or billing issue. In other words, we want to take care of you every step of the way.


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