Compare Electricity & Energy Rates in Delaware

With over 519,000 businesses serviced nationwide, we are able to negotiate fixed energy rates that cut the supply portion of our clients bills by as much as 70%.

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A group of Chick-fil-A owners got together and I shared my gas and electric rates and the whole room was amazed! I told them I have a great energy broker [at Consumer Energy Solutions] that I have worked with for years. Most of them have contracts but I wanted to get them Cheri’s contact information for the future! 

– Brian, Chick-fil-A

Why CES?

Getting the best electricity rates in Delaware can be hard. Prices fluctuate, and different companies will quote you different rates. And, as a small business, you likely don’t have the negotiating power to argue for better rates–you’re stuck taking what is given to you.

Over the past 22 years we have helped over 519,000 businesses take charge of their energy costs. With a combined usage of 18 billion KwH and 18.9 million MCF we have the experience, buying power and relationships to help navigate your business through this volatile energy market and get the best pricing available.

We’ve saved our clients 10’s of millions of dollars, and getting a quote from us is fast, easy, and free.

Delaware Electricity Rates Over Time

Over the past 20 years Electricity rates have steadily increased in Delaware and are currently nearly double today than they were back in 2001. 

If you consider the current state of the global energy market, the war in Ukraine, Europe shutting down nuclear power plants and moving from Russia’s natural gas, and inflation running rampant, energy prices are projected to continue trending upward.

Commercial Energy Rates in Delaware

Right now, almost all prices in America are going up, and business energy prices aren’t any different. But Consumer Energy Solutions works with the many electric companies in the state of Delaware to find the best prices for businesses. Then, we will lock in those energy rates, passing energy savings on to you. 

You can access the best prices on the energy market and then select whatever term suits your business best. Then, if the market goes wild, you won’t be affected for the term of your contract. Your energy pricing will remain the same. This is especially important right now, when the energy market is in so much flux. At Consumer Energy Solutions we will work with you to ensure we guide you to pick the best option that will put you ahead.

Consumer Energy Solutions is an Energy Broker – Is That a Utility?

No, Consumer Energy Solutions is not a utility company. Utility companies maintain and operate the infrastructure of the energy system, including power lines, transformers, and generators. An example in Delaware is Delmarva Power, which provides electricity to homes and businesses.

Energy brokers, like us, work with the top suppliers in every market and are designed to connect the energy supplier with the energy buyer, whether they be a business or private residence. Since we’ve been in business for more than 22 years we have built relationships and trust with these suppliers to get us the best deals possible that we can pass on to you. This means that we not only have access to the best prices in the energy supplier business, but we are able to negotiate for the best rates in every area, and then match the energy buyer with the best possible rate available to them. When a business gets pricing from us, they know that we get quotes from every one of the 25+ energy suppliers in the area, and deliver you the best price.

Our Process

Our entire job is to take the stress and work out of finding the correct energy supplier who will give you the most favorable contract and best price available today. We do all the work and it costs you nothing, all we need is a copy of your bill.

1. With a copy of your bill, we can analyze your historical usage, rate class, zone, and load profile along with the number of accounts you manage to ensure you will receive the best rate(s) your account(s) qualifies for.

If you are currently under contract, we can still help with forward start pricing. We have the capability of locking in today’s low rates for when your current agreement(s) ends.

This will not have any negative effect on your current agreement. In most cases we represent the supplier you are currently with. So, we have the capability of pricing your accounts directly to negotiate on your behalf.

2. We will take this information and get quotes from 25+ suppliers in your area and leverage our relationships to negotiate preferential rates for you then relay that deal to you.

3. We use our knowledge of the current energy market to recommend what type of rate and contract is best for your business.

4. Once we have the agreement between you and the energy supplier we will walk you through the terms and conditions, like legal information and cancellation fees, or answer any other questions you may have before you sign.

5. Once everything is signed you’ll be introduced to one of our customer service representatives who will assist you with any future questions.

Waiting could cost your business thousands.

Types of Energy Plans Available in Delaware

There are different types of energy plans that consumers can sign up for, but the main two are variable-rate and fixed-rate plans. Each has its benefits.

Fixed-Rate Energy in Delaware

A fixed-rate plan, as the name suggests, will have a firm and unchanging price that will last the length of the contract. No matter the weather–hot or cold–severe storms, or even market volatility, the fixed rate will not change for the length of the contract. These contracts are typically for 6, 12, 24, or 36 months, but can go up to 5 years. Fixed-rate energy plans in Delaware are the most commonly used plans, and the plan that we recommend using in most circumstances.

Variable-Rate Energy in Delaware

Variable-rate plans change month-to-month based on the fluctuations in the market. Because of this there is a chance for the rate to drop and you will pay less for a period, but there’s also a chance that the rate could go much higher. Factors that can cause this include oil & natural gas pipelines being shut down, world events, government regulations/tax changes, or an infrastructure problem. This all means that your monthly electricity bill will not be the same month-to-month, and you may end up with a surprise. We don’t recommend variable-rate plans in most circumstances.

Consumer Energy Solutions Works With Renewable Energy

If your business is looking to go green or reduce its carbon footprint, we can help with that. In Delaware, there are about 5,000 renewable energy systems, primarily solar powered.

Though renewables face challenges like limited capacity, we are happy to see if there is a renewable energy plan available that meets your business’ needs.


Will I get 2 bills if I switch?

In the majority of cases, no, you will still continue to receive the same bills from your utility company. The only difference is your new supplier will be noted on the bill. 

If you are in an area that requires a separate bill, our energy experts will let you know and answer any additional questions.

How long does it take to switch natural gas or electric providers?

Typically it takes between 15 and 45 days for your utility company to process your supplier change. This means it can take 1 to 2 billing cycles.

Could my business lose power or natural gas supply during the switch?

No. Your utility will always remain responsible for delivering energy to your business. Your utility will simply start delivering energy from your new supplier, so this will never interrupt the flow of energy to your business.