Our office culture is unlike any other you’ll find in the industry! We pride ourselves in our dedication to the success of our employees. Anything that we can do to help aid in that department is what implement! From one-on-one training that ensures you get personalized attention from your trainer, to fun tournaments and prizes!

Start your sales career at CES

We provide in-house training, full benefits, the highest paid commission in the industry and daily, weekly, and monthly games!


We have the best training in the industry! Our training is streamlined, one-on-one REAL TIME training. We’ll give you all the tools in order for you to become successful!


We play daily, weekly and monthly games with our employees! Our spifs are anything from cash to TV prizes. Plus we believe in celebrating our wins with  bbq’s and pizza!


We provide benefits to all of our employees. Our employees enjoy full benefits including health insurance, life insurance, dental coverage, vision coverage and a 401K plan.

Employees of the Month

All CES Employees

All CES Employees

Dec 2021

“Everyone on the planet for nearly the past two years has been through very challenging times. The pandemic has forced us all to adapt and modified the way we live and work. It has brought unique context to the word “survival.”

Here at CES this has been no different. Considered “essential workers,” employees at CES have been coming to work daily through it all to help customers throughout the US save on their energy bills. The resiliency of our team during all this has been admirable and impressive all the same. We have set amazing new records with less resources all while having fun and staying safe in the office, and still helping others in our communities as safely allowed.

As Christmas draws near, I want to personally honor ever single CES employee as “Employees of the Month.”

Merry Christmas to everyone across the world from Team CES. Keep your heads up and please stay safe!”

- Clayton Francis, Sales Manager

Walter H.

Walter H.

Nov 2021

"I started working here in 2013. I liked the people and the training was good! I left for a while and then came back. Back to having fun! The management team is the best I have ever seen!"

- Walter H.

Nancy H.

Nancy H.

Oct 2021

"I have been working here now for four years, and I am very grateful to have this opportunity to be part of the CES team. Thank you to all those who have made these four years a great experience, and thank you Jack, for being the best mentor and manager!"

- Nancy H.

Drake H.

Drake H.

Sep 2021

"It’s hard to believe I have only been working here at CES for about half a year. In this short amount of time not only have I learned more than all of my previous work experience combined, but I have had a lot of fun and have the opportunity to work with a great team. CES has found a way to make showing up to work exciting. This has been the best working experience I have had and I look forward to learning and growing with this amazing company."

- Drake H.