Amazing LED Innovations!

The world of LED is a bit like science fiction. You can do some pretty amazing things these days with LED lights and the future of LED is limited only by the imagination.

Here’s an example: there is an antimicrobial non-ultraviolet LED light that is being made for cruise ships. The idea is to have them installed in galleys, lounges, food service, elevators, office spaces and more. These bulbs will kill microbes that grow on surfaces and are effective against some viruses.

This will give a huge boost to the cruise ship industry making it safer for passengers to enjoy their cruises.

Are they real windows or fake?

A very cool thing being done with LED lights and one I really like is the installation of LED lights and fixtures that look like windows, skylights and doors.

Incandescent lamps and fluorescent tubes do not radiate the full spectrum of colors and constant exposure to this kind of lighting is not really healthy. Various companies are coming up with fixtures that combine window-construction principles with circadian-rhythm LED technology.

Imagine a dentist office with a beautiful virtual skylight with a digital cinema that displays nature’s realistic skyward events in motion!

Or a huge, windowless conference room with a skylight using this same technology. It’s beautiful!! And healthier!

Or go into a dark, basement and suddenly have a “window” that lets in natural-looking light.

Fun with LED Lights!

If you are young and adventurous or even old and on the cutting edge of things, you may have seen some pretty funky cars and trucks on the road at night lit up like neon. But no, it’s not neon. It’s LED.

Folks are installing LED undercar kits on their trucks and cars. The LED strips used produce an enormous amount of light in awesome colors. Your vehicle can be truly customized with a look that tells everyone you’re on the road!

Then there are the savings you already know about, when you upgrade a commercial building to LED lighting. It’s simple, basic and also open to the imagination.

Call us today and we will do an in-depth analysis of your commercial or industrial lighting situation. The funny thing about an LED retrofit is that you are already spending the money. When upgrading to LED you simply redirect what you are already spending. It’s truly very little out-of-pocket and often actually leaves you with a positive cash flow!

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1 Circadian-rhythm: a natural, internal process of physical, mental, and behavioral changes that regulate the sleep-wake cycle and repeats roughly every 24 hours. These processes respond primarily to light and dark and affect most living things. It can refer to any process that originates within an organism and responds to the environment.

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