At CES We Have Fully Sprung Into Community Action!

May 11, 2017 | Community Betterment News

Our CES for a Drug Free World program continues to provide drug education classes at Center Academy in Pinellas Park, Florida. This has been very rewarding.


Reaching youth with the truth about drugs is a responsibility we are proud to take on. We work with schools and groups who wish for assistance in educating the kids about the harms of drugs. Partnering is the only way to go. Center Academy has seen the value of this and we have now reached all their middle school and high school students over the course of the last few months with informative and gripping presentations of the Truth about Drugs, Real People Real Stories from the Foundation for a Drug Free World.

You can find all of these effective materials for your own use at:



drug-free-world-herosOne such partner we love to help is our dear friend, Corporal Scott Parker of the University of South Florida Police Department. We supply Officer Parker with all the materials he needs to educate the college students and the community in Tampa at many different events the police department is involved in.

Another wonderful partner is our great friend, Calvina Fay, the Executive Director of Save Our Society from Drugs and Drug Free America Foundation. Miss Fay has become a loyal friend to our youth, our state, and beyond. She is always there to fight for the protection of our youth in so many ways. She works within drug policy nationally and even across the ocean with representatives from other countries to keep drugs out of the hands of youth.

heroes-event-with-calvina-fayRecently we had the sincere pleasure of helping to present these two heroes along with 3 other awardees with the Drug Free World Hero Award! This award and the full celebration event was put on by the Foundation for a Drug Free World, Florida Chapter. CES was there to help ensure the event went off to a full audience of 300 attendees! What a perfect 5 star event—from the incredible venue and magnificent buffet to the world-class entertainment—all provided by the Historic Fort Harrison Hotel and their staff.






CES was one of the proud sponsors of an incredible fundraiser event for a much-needed non-profit organization called Vet 2 Vet Reconnect. This organization provides many varying services to our US veterans—it’s actually veterans helping veterans with peer support, education, job connections, VA claims, housing assistance, elder care resources, and much, much more.


We attended a delicious dinner with an award ceremony to a few very admirable vets. One award recipient was our close friend and local community good-guy, Mr. Brett Miller. Vet 2 Vet Reconnect gives a means of providing undying support for our country’s greatest heroes. Our good friend Congressman Gus Bilirakis was also present and we enjoyed some catch-up time with him.

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