Awareness Leads to ACTION When it Comes to our Community Endeavors

Nov 1, 2017 | Community Betterment News

At CES we love when October comes because we get to enjoy a sweater day or two. We also love to help out in the community and not have to sweat to death while doing it!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and at CES we find ourselves stepping up with all things Pink.
Whereas awareness is an important mission, our staff, really loves to be in ACTION, so we combine awareness and action in all of our philanthropic endeavors!

Our FAVORITE Charity that is truly DOING something for breast cancer survivors is My Hope Chest.

Local powerhouse extraordinaire, Alisa Savoretti is the founder of a very unique and MUCH needed non-profit organization which funds costly breast reconstruction surgeries for un-insured and under-insured breast cancer survivors!

You see, they are the ONLY national organization focusing on treatment for uninsured survivors! Many women want their breasts back but think they have nowhere to turn for help. That’s where My Hope Chest steps in!

In Alisa’s own words:

“I founded My Hope Chest in the fall of 2003, after my own struggles with breast cancer. I was without insurance at the time of my diagnosis, and returned to the Las Vegas stage as a dancer 5 months after chemotherapy—minus one breast and stuffing my costumes. I waited for over 2 years for reconstruction surgery and realized the HUGE gap that exists for women suffering without insurance.

“Many breast cancer survivors are unable to afford the expensive series of reconstruction surgeries desired to return to a normal life. They are left to live in a horrible state. The end result for some women is a lack of self-esteem, enduring depression and many other debilitating facets; an awful place for a woman to be who has already faced a life-or-death health issue!”

They connect doctors and specialists and surgeons and patients with what is necessary to become whole again–Transforming Lives! “Losing a breast changes your life, having it back is Life-Changing!”

Our big-hearted CES staff stepped-up all month long! We ran a lot of support for My Hope Chest on social media and everyone was happy to pose for photos for the cause!

We all wore lots of pink in support of breast cancer awareness month, and each Thursday our CES employees pay to wear jeans to work and these donations go to a Cause. This month they went to My Hope Chest. Our donations were matched by our wonderful CEO, Patrick Clouden, and we were able to donate a total of $500.00 to My Hope Chest.

Won’t you join us in ACTION, and help My Hope Chest to help breast cancer survivors! There are nearly 90 women on their list waiting for funding of their surgery reconstruction process. Sometimes it takes three surgeries to complete the process, so your donations are VERY needed and wanted.

Go to and see how you can get involved. Breast cancer survivors can’t wait for next October!

So, hold an event, get creative and spread the awareness of this amazingly important organization! Be sure to let them know that we sent you!



Year-round Organic Gardening While Helping our Neighborhood

Community means a bringing together of people. At CES, our neighborhood is the community of the Downtown Gateway. A few years ago a community good-guy, Howard Warshauer, brought the idea of having a Community Gardens project to the city.

The great idea of growing organic veggies and putting space to beneficial use, an unused empty lot across the street from our CES offices became the Clearwater Community Gardens and was brought to life.

So CES became members and has had a thriving organic garden, ever since. It’s been so great to meet our neighbors and fellow gardeners. Everyone brings so much friendship and help and fun to our group. From sharing gardening tips to telling stories from well-lived lives!

We have group work days and hold educational and entertaining events at the Gardens. Under beautiful skies with an October chill, we recently held an old-fashioned Ice Cream Social which was a deliciously fun day! We all brought different toppings and got creative with our sundaes and ice cream cones.

Bringing real community and real life to our neighborhood has been a special pride for us at CES. We hope to garden for many years to come and to help in the growth and happiness of our community.

Visit the CCG Facebook page, Clearwater Community Gardens, to find out how to join and learn about our upcoming activities.



We Bring More Love to our Community Learning Center Kids

Keeping children happy and learning is a big purpose for us at CES. For many years now, we have been a loyal friend and sponsor of the Community Learning Center. Providing effective tutoring and teaching life skills, our CLC really delivers happiness to students and families.

The CLC is in its second year of running an actual school! One thing on their wish list was to provide music education to the kids. That’s where we stepped in. CES decided to bring the music program to life. By donating each Thursday to wear jeans, our CES employees have supplied funds which are now being used to give the children top-notch singing lessons. Roxy Miller is their professional singer and teacher and the kids get training each week. Recently we provided CLC with a nice check for over $1,000 of employee-raised funds to keep the program going!

Please look up Roxy and find out about receiving singing lessons for yourself or your family.

Facebook: Roxy Miller



Fifth Annual CLC Golf Tournament

Now in its 5th year, we just had our super successful CES sponsored golf tournament “fore” the kids of Community Learning Center. So many people came together to support CLC. Great sponsorship is key to success in any event, and in the case of this golf tournament, sponsorship really came through.

We had an enormously successful event at the amazing Innisbrook Golf and Spa Resort. Found out more about Innisbrook at:

Between sponsorships, golf player registrations, raffle ticket sales, and even Mulligans, overall we raised $27,065!

CES had two foursomes made up of employees who really enjoyed the tournament and all the good we did for our CLC.


Keep up with Community Learning Center by visiting them on their website: and on Facebook: @ClearwaterTutoring.

There is much more to tell you about, but for now I think you’ve got a good dose of our October ACTION.

Please continue to follow our community activity and philanthropy. I post often on our @TampaBayToday Facebook page and on our Consumer Energy Solutions page, too.

We love to share all of our ACTION with you.

Next month will be filled, as we will venture out west to California, expanding our community zone and our responsibility for bringing effective drug education to our youth quite a bit!

See you in November!

Yours truly,

Lynn Posyton
Director of Community Relations, Consumer Energy Solutions, Inc.

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