How Can We Claim Our LED Lights Are Beyond The State Of The Art?

LED lighting has been the state-of-the art in energy efficient lighting for some time now. What is meant by “state-of-the-art?” Per Mr. Webster it’s “the level of development (as of a device, procedure, process, technique, or science) reached at any particular time usually as a result of modern methods.” LED lighting definitely fits that definition in the lighting industry. And generally speaking, across the boards, LED lighting IS very energy efficient.

Now enter Consumer Energy Solution’s LED lights. There are things about our LEDs that simply put them in a whole new range—beyond what is accepted as the state-of-the art. We call our LEDs the Next Generation in LED lighting. We work with people who design and manufacture high performance LED lights. This means they use the best high-quality materials and designs that bring our LEDs to a level that the current state of the art has not attained. This is no exaggeration. Our bulbs are the only bulbs we’ve found in the commercial market that can make these claims.

For instance—our bulbs are made-to-order. This may not be something you’ve thought about before. But, as an example, if you are upgrading from fluorescent bulbs to LED bulbs in a big commercial warehouse or parking garage and you are buying your bulbs from a warehouse store or even a known name in lighting, you need to know those operations stock pile their products—sometimes for several years! To fulfill your order they send an order to their warehouse and pull the bulbs off the shelf. If the bulbs have been sitting there for several years—those bulbs are no longer even “state-of-the-art!” Thus, you don’t know what you are getting.

Our LEDs are never stock-piled. We make them to order, for each and every order. You will always get the best quality LED lighting available in the current market from CES!

Why go with High Quality LED bulbs?

There has been much said and written about the heat that LEDs give off. And here’s the thing, lower quality LEDs can get hot because they use cheaper components which cause the bulb to produce more heat. This in turn adds stress to cooling systems causing them to work harder to keep large spaces cool. Our LEDs are built with high quality components and simply don’t get hot! So what does this mean for you? It means additional savings because your cooling system isn’t working so hard.

Here’s a claim we haven’t found anyone else in the LED industry can make. Let me explain. You are probably familiar with the flicker of fluorescent lights. This flicker is called a “refresh rate.” Even state-of-the-art LED lights have a refresh rate though it’s easier to perceive in fluorescent bulbs. The eyes suffer strain and get tired whether you are working with fluorescent or LED lights. People often complain of headaches when this is their only source of lighting. This is because their eyes are constantly re-focusing with the refresh rate. Our LED lights have no refresh rate. Period.

Upgrading from Fluorescent Bulbs to LED

When LED lighting hit the market and business owners began to realize the possible savings by changing out their fluorescent bulbs to LED the excitement was because a single 32-watt four foot fluorescent tube could be replaced with an 18-watt LED tube! This was a savings of 15 watts per tube!

Our CES Next Generation LEDs take the watts down to 9.6 watts per tube—all while providing the same amount of light. That means that an upgrade from fluorescent 32-watt tubes to our CES Next Generation 9.6 watt tubes can save 22.4 watts of electricity per bulb! This is a 70% reduction of energy usage per bulb and translates to huge savings on the lighting portion of your electric bill!

True Color!

All lighting has a rating called Color Rendering Index (CRI). This is best explained by looking at sunlight shining through a prism. When this is done you see 100% of the rainbow of colors. That would be a CRI of 100—the top rating. So the CRI of any light bulb is the percentage of the rainbow of colors picked up in the light put out by the bulb. Most LED bulbs have a CRI of 70 or 80. Our Next Generation LEDs have a CRI of 90 – 92! That means you are going to see more true color!

There are many more reasons to upgrade to LED lighting with our Next Generation LEDs. Hopefully this has given you food for thought. I welcome your calls and emails.

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