Can You Imagine The Merging of LED Lighting And Solar Power?

What if there were an easy-to-install, inexpensive, solar powered, LED light that could be wall-mounted anywhere—needed no wires, was waterproof so it could be used outside, and had light and motion sensors so it would turn on at night only when there’s motion and would remain off the rest of the time? What if you could just hang it and forget about it? Yet you could know that this light would offer you added security around your home.

Welcome to our world of energy solutions. Meet the new Smart Solar & Sensor LED Wall Light available through CES. I’m very excited about this product and its wide variety of practical uses—so excited that I wanted to write my blog article about it this month. I know it’s not exactly kosher to “sell” something in a blog article. But this product is newsworthy—a very effective, successful merging of LED lighting and solar power.


There are not only commercial uses but this is one product we can offer to residential users at quite a bargain. This light fixture has a 2 year warranty and when mounted in areas that have plenty of sunlight and is fully charged, it will work for 4 – 5 days. This is significant because as I write this, I’m in Clearwater, Florida in the middle of a tropical storm and the sky has been dark gray all day long. Yet this light fixture, fully charged is working perfectly.

Give me a call or email me and I’ll tell you all about it and I’ll tell you just how affordable this is, even for YOU.


Jeannine Hall

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