CES Connects the Good Guys

Dec 17, 2019 | Community Betterment News

“You can’t do it all!”

Those words are often said to hard-working volunteers and big-hearted individuals who find themselves unable to accomplish all that they endeavor to do.

So often we find ourselves wanting to help everyone only to find that good intentions alone are not enough to surmount obstacles, supply needed details, set logistics or provide finance.

So what is one to do? At CES we have learned that partnering with effective individuals and groups is the only way!

Sometimes that simply means connecting groups and individuals who are both able to effectively benefit and help one another in the accomplishment of their vital goals. This November was filled with such connections.

Our Community Learning Center is an amazing organization that helps families, often going above and beyond. By providing incredible tutoring, free homework help, and also being an incredible private school, they are always at the heart of our philanthropy. With their beautiful 7,200 square foot facility, it is also the perfect place for events, conferences, meetings, etc.

CES connected a local author and emergency-response expert, our friend John Buell, with Community Learning Center and the Clearwater Fire and Rescue Department.

John wrote a crucially important book for the average person called, Save a Life When Seconds Count. So we hosted the launch party for his book at Community Learning Center, complete with a special author presentation, delicious lunch foods donated by local merchants and a special, exciting visit from our incredible Clearwater Fire and Rescue Department.

What a great day we had in helping a really good guy connect with the community by having everyone come together to learn how to stay safe during emergencies!

John Buell’s book is a must for everyone! You can buy it on Amazon.com, Save a Life When Seconds Count.

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” -Pablo Picasso

Wonderful artists have figured out how to express their talents. A local artist named Jon Smith is one of the talented and benevolent locals in our community who graced us with his gorgeous art and his deep kindness. See his website at www.jonsmithart.com.

I am privileged to have Jon as a friend and a neighbor since I moved to Florida. In true good-guy style Jon donated his time and expertise to teach our kids at the Community Learning Center their first professional art lesson.

It was such a wonderful experience for everyone and CES proudly provided all of the art supplies so that the kids could bring home a beautiful work of art for Christmas!

This was another connection made that left an inspiring mark upon our community’s future artists.


Do it FORE the Kids!

Each year our CES-sponsored golf tournament benefiting the Community Learning Center gets bigger and better!

The sponsorships increase, the volunteers multiply and the funds generated grow.

Talk about making connections!

This golf tournament started as an idea of my great friend, Gary Patrick. Gary, his wife Peggy and their family have now devoted time and energy to the Community Learning Center in ways that cannot even be described.

It is such an honor and pleasure to work with such lovely people and as a result we keep bringing more and more people aboard—producing an incredibly fun and upbeat golf tournament every year for the last 7 years!

This year the funds raised totaled over $40,000!

Please enjoy the photos of all of our connecting-up events this month! We have only just begun. 2020 should be a banner year for us at Consumer Energy Solutions!

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