CES Contributes Love to Our WORLD Superhero Community

Apr 30, 2019 | Community Betterment News

International Women’s Day

Women in the community were invited to a lovely afternoon tea party at our wonderful Clearwater Community Volunteer Center to celebrate International Women’s Day.

From moms with their daughters, business owners, dedicated community activists, Girl Scout Leaders and local non-profit volunteers, we all enjoyed a delicious spread of delicate teas and finger sandwiches complete with exquisite scones and Staffordshire Cream.

I had the honor of being asked to be the speaker at the event to speak about women and their vital necessity in our world.

Equipped with passion and purpose, I addressed this wonderful group to highlight the superhero nature that women are imbued with. Speaking from the heart, I spoke about the role of magic we have upon this Earth. Even the young pre-teens enjoyed hearing how special they are.

Among the many opportunities I am given as Director of Community Relations for our wonderful company, this was truly among my favorite, ever! Perhaps this was because I was suddenly inspired with the strength and beauty we women are bestowed with and I felt it was my purpose to shout it out proudly!

Since it was an afternoon tea, I invited my loving friend and fellow superhero, Peggy Patrick, to come and give a light lesson on Afternoon Tea Etiquette. Peggy is certified as a Children’s Etiquette Coach and the owner of the Florida School of Etiquette. She helps children and young adults learn the art of dining and conversation through hands-on training. https://www.facebook.com/FloridaSchoolofEtiquette/

We also learned the history of “high teas” and “low-teas” and we all learned proper manners and had such a wonderful day!

Thank you and a big shout out goes to our great friends at the CCV Center, Michael and Clemence, for always making us feel so welcomed and pampered.

Partnering Abroad with Drug Prevention Superheroes

Being involved with drug prevention and education is one noble mission. There are so many going concerns which pump billions of dollars into the expansion of drug use internationally. Partnering with organizations and selfless individuals who seek to prevent drug use has been in our wheelhouse of corporate social responsibility here at CES for quite a while.

Since we are more in the caliber of activist/volunteers and not full-time “professionals” in the drug prevention fields, one of our key contributions in the fight against drug abuse has always been that of ally and friend to those who are really in the trenches of prevention and rehabilitation, providing support and sponsorship to those who work diligently in these areas.

What an honor it was to be invited by our good friends at Drug Free America Foundation to join them in friendly support of their efforts in Vienna, Austria, attending the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Commission on Narcotic Drugs—62nd Session Ministerial Segment.

The purpose of this commission was:

“Taking stock of the implementation of the commitments made to jointly address and counter the world drug problem, in particular in light of the 2019 target date.”

By being a part of this experience, I learned so much about the “drug scene” and international measures to curb use and abuse. I also found it so inspiring to see and hear about what is happening in many countries and continents of our world. This included meeting wonderful superheroes from the slums of Kenya, and the monsoon-drenched plains of Sri Lanka!

Meeting so many strong and determined good guys all the way across the world was utterly energizing.

It was also very good to see how alike we are. How “good guys” like to hang out with other good-guys and how undiscriminating drug use and abuse is.

Worlds Chefs Come Together in Clearwater to Bring Superhero-like Aid Across the Globe

World Chefs Without Borders is a global humanitarian-aid initiative by World Chefs. Their mission is to support and mobilize our global network of volunteer Chefs to undertake initiatives providing education and resources to those in need and afflicted by natural disasters.

Top Chefs from all over the world joined together to bring delicacies at a multicultural cuisine fund-raising event benefitting the World Chefs Without Borders Global fund.

The Chairman of World Chefs, Chef Willment Leong came to be a part of this amazing event.

To really appreciate the work of the World Chefs, please visit their website:


Our wonderful friends, Chef Rene Marquis (President of the American Culinary Federation (ACF)—Tampa Bay Chapter) and Team organized this meaningful event hosted by the gorgeous Fort Harrison Hotel. The Church of Scientology also generously sponsored the visiting chefs with accommodations throughout their stay.

Here are some of the selfless chefs who came to make the event a huge success:

Chef Thomas Gugler (President of WORLDCHEFS), Chef Cornelia Volino (Secretary General of WORLDCHEFS), Chef Mauricio Armendaris, Chef Oliver and Chef Ray McCue (World Chefs Without Borders committee).

Our goal to bring growth and support to communities near and far is achieved by joining forces with other Super-heroes across the globe!

Partnering with others who do amazing things, is something we love to do at CES. Should you have any suggestions for partnership, please email me. We are always happy to contribute where we can.

You can always contact me at: Lposyton@cesstaff.com

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