CES Contributes to Slashing Crime Rates and to Winning Silver Medals!

Aug 4, 2016 | Community Betterment News

CES cares for our community and we try our best to show up and help when we are asked.

Part of our passion is to offer drug education and help to children and to neighborhood residents.

We show up and lend a hand when we can.

At CES we believe that if you care, and you show up to help, then others will follow suit and soon you will see the big results.

Over the winter months we were asked to bring our skills to the local community of North Greenwood, Clearwater.

lynn-doing-first job-training

For many weeks, we provided job-training classes and helped local residents to gain and maintain employment.

Working with the local Way to Happiness Foundation and others at the Martin Luther King Jr. Center, we assisted in neighborhood cleanups and other good-will events which uplifted the community area in many ways.

As it turns out, the overall area experienced a HUGE 63% drop in overall crime as a direct result of the activities we assisted with!

Recently we were awarded for our work on the project at the Way to Happiness awards event which was hosted at the historic Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwater.


Chief Dan Slaughter of Clearwater Police Department announced the staggering change in crime statistics which were a direct result of the project’s work. Chief Slaughter was very appreciative of our work and our dedication. Chief Slaughter also asked our help to take on target number two, another community area of Clearwater.

That neighborhood happens to be OUR Consumer Energy Solutions backyard and front yard! It is called East Gateway and we launched a project to revitalize our neighborhood right then and there! Stay tuned for our work in this amazing community effort.



Paws for a Cause!  Our Furry Friends also Need a Hand!

CES had fun promoting and attending the Paws for a Cause event.

This was a fashion show for dogs and was not just a fun event, but it was held to raise funds for the Humane Society of Pinellas County.  From food to raffles to an adorable doggie fashion show, donations for the animal shelter were brought by many and money was raised to help the many lost and abandoned animals in our county.




Sponsoring our Youth with Support in their Sports and Academic Futures


Team Florida off-season football is made up of local youth who are stellar athletes.

CES has become a devoted sponsor of Team Florida and contributed to them making an epic trip to the AAU Junior Olympics in Houston Texas.

These boys brought their A-Game to the tournament and are bringing home SILVER to the sunshine state!

The students visited several colleges on their way to Houston and some college scholarship offers are coming their way as a result!


Team Florida works to help these kids in ALL aspects of life.  Not just sports, but ALL of life! That is why CES is so proud to sponsor the team and to help ensure they get the academic help they need by providing tutoring, life skills and character building at our CES sponsored Community Learning Center in Clearwater.

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