CES for a Drug-Free World Sponsors 3rd Annual Drug Prevention Summit

Mar 17, 2015 | Community Betterment News

080In our ongoing efforts to educate people with the TRUTH about drugs, our CES Drug-Free World team signed on as a sponsor for a vital drug education and prevention summit.

On Feb. 23rd and 24th we sponsored and participated in the 3rd Annual Tampa Drug Summit which was put on by Drug Free America Foundation.

This event was attended by many anti-drug coalitions, drug educators, law enforcement, social workers, substance abuse treatment professionals and healthcare workers from all over the state of Florida. There were well over 230 in attendance.

Day One focused on Marijuana and Day 2 on Prescription Drugs.

Many experts and professional speakers from across the nation presented current and pertinent data during this two-day event.

These expert presentations were very eye-opening to all in attendance. There have been many profound changes in drug proliferation and drug policy across our country that were virtually unknown to us.

We were fully briefed about the current scenes in other states, about upcoming drug issues and we learned of illicit and synthetic drugs that are rampant and in epidemic proportion in some regions!

Keeping updated on the TRUTH of what drugs are and what is happening in our communities is a vital part of the help that we at Consumer Energy Solutions provide.

We are honored to partner with Drug Free America Foundation and others who work tirelessly in the education of our youth regarding the harms of drug use and abuse.

At the event we provided many materials from the Foundation for a Drug-Free World to all in attendance. Each attendee received a full packet of educator booklets covering each of the known drugs of abuse. We gave out almost 100 DVDs of the award-winning documentary, The Truth About Drugs-Real People, Real Stories and we signed up 35 educators for the full Truth about Drugs Educator Kits to implement in their drug education programs.

CES for a Drug Free WorldOur team is always eager to do presentations to youth groups, clubs, schools etc.

Should you wish to have a presentation, or if you need any of these effective drug education materials, please contact:
Lynn Posyton, Director of Community Relations at:
LPosyton@CESstaff.com 727-466-1230


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