CES Employees are Volunteers Extraordinaire! Even the President of the United States Thinks So!

May 1, 2014 | Community Betterment News

The President's Volunteer Service Award emblemA little boasting is in order. On Memorial Day, during a formal luncheon and ceremony, a group of CES employees were honored with the prestigious Presidential Volunteer Service Award. At the same ceremony, many other wonderful groups and individuals also received awards for their hard work as volunteers in the community.

Three dedicated CES employees were presented their awards, which included a a beautifully framed congratulatory letter from the President of the United States, and a special pin:

JOHN MUHAMMAD for his work with the Stop the Violence Coalition in St. Pete, FL

LEROY RHODES, for his work with the Clearwater MLK Jr Neighborhood Center Coalition

LYNN POSYTON, for her efforts with our CES for a Drug Free World team and for her community relations work at the Community Learning Center.

Lynn Posyton, CES; Humberto Perez, CLC; Holly Haggerty, CLCThe historic Fort Harrison hotel hosted this spectacular event, which was followed by a festive barbeque with amazing entertainment, on the beautiful hotel grounds. The Church of Scientology’s Miss Pat Harney, worked very hard to ensure that all of the good works of so many in our community were acknowledged.

CES has many employees who do great things and we will be letting you know all about them in future issues of our newsletter.

Should you wish to be part of any community endeavors, please contact Lynn Posyton, CES Director of Community Relations. Lynn@consumerenergy-soltn.us8.cdn-alpha.com

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