CES for a Drug-Free World Goes to our State Capitol, Tallahassee Florida!

Jan 1, 2015 | Community Betterment News

The Education of children is something that CES takes very seriously. Drug Education is something that we are deeply passionate about. Linking up with like-minded groups to get the truth about drugs to our youth is our daily purpose.

Florida Coalition Alliance logoRecently we were asked to join the Florida Coalition Alliance in Tallahassee for their 2015 Policy Conference and Workshop. We learned from experts in the fields of alcohol and marijuana policy, and about various policies and how they impact drug prevention.

On day two, we put what we learned into action by visiting with state Legislators in our State Capitol. Meeting with our Legislators was a wonderful opportunity.

Protecting our youth with responsible laws concerning drugs and alcohol is a vitally important responsibility. With this in mind, the Coalition group members were able to voice our opinions and our plea for sound drug policy legislation.

The entire process was incredibly educational and empowering for our continued effectiveness in drug education. It was very rewarding to see how accessible our lawmakers actually are. We will continue to keep our hand in the process and always stand up for the safety of our youth.

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