CES Forms Partnerships in Helping Children

Mar 1, 2014 | Community Betterment News


Lynn Posyton with S.O.S. Execs

Lynn Posyton, CES Director of Community Relations awards the President and VP of SOS Foundation of Tampa Bay, with dictionaries to use in helping educate the kids.

What would it be worth to avoid the horrors of drug addiction?

Ask anyone who has suffered the pain of addiction either as an addict or as a family member or friend. They’ll tell you that if they could rewind their lives, they would pay dearly to avoid the pain they experienced and the pain that they caused others in their downward spiral into the hell of addiction. CES reaches out to form partnerships with groups and individuals who work to help children in many different ways.

Recently CES for a Drug-Free World presented drug education to the children and families of S.O.S. Foundation of Tampa Bay Inc. (Save Our Students). S.O.S works to help empower at-risk youth in the Tampa Bay community.

Lynn Posyton, CES Director of Community Relations was the key speaker of the event, presenting the documentary The Truth About Drugs, Real People Real Stories to the group. CES also made sure that plenty of informative materials from the Foundation for a Drug-Free World were given out to all families.

Two guest speakers told their stories of drug use, abuse and the devastating losses connected with their very bad decisions. This strong message for the children to learn the truth about drug horrors was well received by all.

Youngster signing Drug Free PledgeWorking with the Community Learning Center, CES brought 12 new dictionaries to the kids and their teachers. With knowledge comes power, and having the words understood, one can learn anything. We are happy to help them become more literate and able to learn about anything.

Lynn was invited to participate in future events with The SOS Foundation and CES will be happy to join forces to help our children in the community and beyond.

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