CES Helps Incredible Non-Profit Organizations Which Help Our Youth

Nov 10, 2016 | Community Betterment News

This month was one filled with supporting great groups who truly help others.

pat-and-posterAt CES we have a team that actively creates events, finds causes to assist and who overall helps anyone who is truly helping our youth.

We believe that making big things happen requires partnering and working with organizations who are doing great things with their benevolent efforts and initiatives.

Helping youth stay free of drugs is one of our main purposes as a company.

We often use the effective materials from the Foundation for a Drug-Free World which are supplied to us at no cost from the local center in Clearwater.

So when they called on us to help craft an amazing event to celebrate Red-Ribbon Week at their annual concert and dance party, we jumped at the chance. One of the best parts was in being able to bring to the event, two very amazing non-profit organizations that would benefit from this magnificent fundraiser.

So we contacted our dear friends at Drug Free America Foundation and We Believe in Me and offered them the opportunity to be part of this! To show off to a packed event, the many good works contributed to our world.


We had so much fun being part of this; it’s hard to describe the thrill when the big night came!

It was the most perfect execution of the theme and the incredibly delicious food and desserts, all provided by the Historic Fort Harrison Hotel staff.

The remarkable talent of Jesse Campbell was truly a thrill! Jesse was a top star on the television show The Voice and he really blew us all away! The ever-talented Ashley Rene and Coya Jones brought us such an amazing variety of songs from the perfect-pitch Whitney Houston numbers to the classic disco-dance era greats! By the end of the show the entire house was dancing and having the time of their lives! No one wanted the night to end.

We were invited with all of our guests to a VIP meet and Greet after party. We got to really enjoy spending time with the groups and with the talented and wonderful entertainers.

Overall both charities benefitted hugely by receiving substantial donations for their group’s vital endeavors!

CES couldn’t be more proud of being a key sponsor of this event with our donations of funding and of time, energy and love!


When you work together you can create amazing things! We are so lucky to be called upon to work with great people. We take this mission seriously and it shows.


Please take a look at all the amazing things that We Believe in Me and Drug Free America do for our world. Visit their websites and Facebook pages.

We Believe In Me:  www.webelieveinme.org & Facebook
Drug Free America Foundation: www.DFAF.org

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