CES Next Generation LED Bulbs Light Up The Sky With Really Good Reasons To Upgrade Now!

As the Director of Energy Efficiency at Consumer Energy Solutions, I never cease to be amazed at the significant features and benefits of our new Next Generation LED Lights.

It all begins with a free survey of your commercial property to see what you need—number and types of bulbs, fixtures, etc. You may think that is a glib offer—but I have been very proud of the speed at which our surveys can get done, the order filled, delivered and installation done—no matter the size of your property.

Now, if you still need to be “sold” on upgrading to LED, let me just list out in bullet point format some great financial reasons:

  • We offer a ten-year Parts and Labor warranty (the Labor warranty is included if we do the installation—otherwise it’s just a ten-year Parts warranty.) For example, with the ten-year Parts and Labor warranty it means that if in 7 years a bulb goes out, we put in a new bulb at no charge.
  • Payback for an LED upgrade is usually less than one year.
  • Upgrading from fluorescent tubes to LED, we can reduce kWh consumption for lighting 70% or better.
  • Upgrading from incandescent and halogen lights to LED, we can reduce kWh consumption 90% or more. NOTE: None of these percentages take into account the drop in air conditioning usage because non-LED lights are like heaters and increase the air conditioner’s draw of electricity to keep temperature at a constant.
  • LED lights use significantly less electricity to operate. Energy use can be up to 70% to 90% less than what traditional lighting uses.
  • Fluorescent lights add a lot of heat to the room making the cooling system work harder. It should be noted that LED bulbs that are made with poor quality components can produce quite a bit of heat. The better the quality of components used to build the bulb, the less heat they produce. Ours produce NEARLY ZERO HEAT.
  • Normal fluorescent bulbs use 32 watts of electricity. Older LED replacements used 18 watts. That was a huge savings. Now, with our Next Generation LEDs the bulbs use 9.6 watts of electricity and produce a better quality of light! That’s a 70% decrease in energy usage per bulb!
  • The common fluorescent bulb has a lifespan of about 20,000 hours which is about 2 ½ years. Our Next Generation bulbs have a lifespan of 25 to 30 years! Look how many years you can go without replacement bulb expense, replacement ballast expense, and the labor costs of bulb/ballast replacements!
  • LED tube lights require NO BALLAST and no extra equipment to install.
  • There are many state rebates and utility incentives to upgrade to LED. Our Installation Team gets the proposals done and then will help the customer with paperwork for the rebates/incentives in their area.
  • There are leasing options available.
  • For customers who are leasing: let’s say a customer has 2 more years on a leased space and then they will move. They can upgrade to LED, enjoy the savings over the next two years, save the old bulbs and when they move they can re-install the old bulbs and take the LEDs with them. These are an owned asset.

There are also some aesthetic reasons to upgrade to our Next Generation LED bulbs:

  • Unlike fluorescent lights which get noticeably dimmer as they get older, Our LED lights don’t dim.
  • LED lighting offers a much better quality of light which results in a more comfortable and natural lighting atmosphere. When sunlight shines through a prism one sees 100% of the rainbow of colors. How MUCH of that rainbow is visible in lighting is called Color Rendering Index or CRI. Most bulbs have a CRI of 70 –80%. This means that there are colors the light is not picking up. So blues can seem dark, yellow may not be seen as true yellow, etc. Our Next Generation LEDs have a CRI of nearly 90%. The highest CRI in the lighting world is 94%. So with our bulbs you get great color.

The middle floor in the parking garage below has been upgraded to LED lighting! Notice the dramatic difference in the color!


And finally, here are some points that put our Next Generation LED bulbs literally in a league of their own:

  • All our LED lights are DLC1 or Energy Star listed. This means they have gone through independent testing to certify the light works the way it’s supposed to and to verify the bulb meets or exceeds claims.

  • Our LED lights are made to order! You can’t get old bulbs from us. You get new LED lights, made to order, using the latest technology. Our technology is better than the “state of the art,” thus we call it “Next Generation.” We don’t warehouse LED lights!
  • We work with a network across the USA of 14,000 electricians and maintenance people. We can install in all 50 states!
  • These bulbs are impact resistant and don’t contain hazardous material, like mercury. The tube or bulb is made of plastic and is completely recyclable making disposal much easier than fluorescent lights which are made of glass and do have mercury in them.
  • There is no minimum or maximum size of commercial job.

Upgrading to LED lighting is the logical thing to do and with financing we have available often ends up with a positive cash flow! Let me know if you have any questions. I’d love to talk.

Contact me, Jeannine Hall, at Consumer Energy Solutions today to ask questions or to find out how we can help you. Call 844-277-0043 or email JHall@cesstaff.com.

1 DLC: Design Light Consortium. A non-profit organization dedicated to accelerating the widespread adoption of high-performing commercial lighting solutions. They have the largest verified list of high performing LED lighting products and our commercial LED lights are listed with DLC.

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