Our CES Outreach Warms our Community Like Summer Sunshine

Aug 22, 2018 | Community Betterment News

Summer is upon us and we spread our warmth by helping in the community. Our Community Learning Center (CLC) is quite a special place. At CES we contribute to their efforts to help many children and families. The CLC Tutoring program and the CLC Academy bring the uplifting gift of literacy to many.

We have weekly “dress down days” where our CES employees pay to wear jeans or shorts. That money goes to the CLC. We also have a weekly 50/50 raffle where half the “pot” goes to CLC and the other half is won by a CES employee! Our CES staff eagerly donate to this amazing organization.

Our gifts of funds and volunteer time make a huge difference. Recently we joined the Summer Camp children on a field trip to our Clearwater Community Volunteers new center in downtown Clearwater.

We made “elephants toothpaste” which was an exciting science-experiment and fun for all.  Simply showing up and lending a hand or a few dollars of contribution, creates amazing effects.

CES works to partner with good-guys who are already there to help spread the love, so that together we make many BIG things happen. Check out the effective tutoring and more that the CLC is doing. You can pop by their location in Clearwater or visit their website: https://www.communitylearningcentertutoring.com/

Find them on Facebook here: @ClearwaterTutoring.

And be sure to visit the Clearwater Community Volunteers (CCV) in their new home in Downtown Clearwater located at 133 N. Fort Harrison Ave, Clearwater, Florida. They are open to partnering with other benevolent groups and individuals who work to improve their communities. That is their mission and they do it well! CCV puts on the most exciting community fun-filled events there are! From Winter Wonderland to the ginormous Easter Egg Hunt, gorgeous annual fashion show, and a 5 star Chef’s Showcase! Be sure to attend their next event! For details visit their webpage: www.ClearwaterCommunityVolunteers.org


Being Safe and Secure Makes Everyone Happy

Our CES headquarters is located in the area of Clearwater called the Downtown Gateway of Clearwater. We always want to be a good neighbor, so what better way than working to make our neighborhood safer and happier.

A coalition of partners was formed to do just that! Partnering up for positive change is the newly formed Safe City Safe Neighborhood Coalition. This group is composed of likeminded people coming together to improve conditions and thereby raising the happiness of all!

Our first endeavor was a neighborhood clean-up! Over 60 people participated and we gathered at our Clearwater Community Gardens.  No matter the heat and sun, we were all happy and eager to work. Many caring groups, local businesses and awesome individuals cleaned up bags and bags of debris and unsightly trash. Some stayed on to help in the Clearwater Community Gardens by weeding and laying down woodchips.

Families came together and new friendships were made

Our CES team was incredibly productive and upbeat! A real pride in the neighborhood that we live and work in was glowing among everyone involved.

We are excited to move forward and work with other groups like the giving and caring Way to Happiness Center of Tampa Bay—they are always there to help and spread happiness to all!

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