CES Sponsors a Clearwater Little League Girls Teen Softball Team Called THE STORM

Apr 30, 2015 | Community Betterment News

Keep your Head in the Game…Stay Drug Free!

Youth sports teach children many life skills and life lessons which foster a good work ethic and inspiration for future successes. Competitive sports really require an increased level of sharpness and awareness in order to succeed.

Taking harmful drugs hinders awareness and sharpness of physical and mental conditions. Any sportsperson knows that a split second of unawareness can be the difference between winning or losing or even a serious injury.

So we at Consumer Energy Solutions say KEEP YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME…Stay Drug-Free!

And so does our awesome team of amazing athletes, The Storm!

If you wish to get any of these effective drug education materials which are provided at no-charge, or if you would like a presentation of the Truth About Drugs program, please contact:
Lynn Posyton, Director of Community Relations: Lynn@CESstaff.com

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