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Apr 14, 2017 | Community Betterment News

Keeping it Sunny!

Keeping the Sunshine State sunny is very important to us. CES is located in the county (Pinellas) that holds the WORLD RECORD for the most sunny days in a row! Also when it comes to the United States, Florida is on the top 11 list TWICE (Miami and Tampa) for the highest number of sunny days nationally!

Fun article: https://www.currentresults.com/Weather-Extremes/US/sunniest-cities.php

World Record for Most Clear Days

St. Petersburg, Florida gained the world record for the most sunny days in a row when the sun beamed down for 768 consecutive days from February 9, 1967 to March 17, 1969.

Taking Care of our State

Using “sunny” as a description of goodness and pleasantness, keeping our communities thriving and happy and drug-free, represents our idea of sunny!

With marijuana legalization efforts moving along in our state, we wanted to ensure that the vast destruction and darkness that has overwhelmed other states does not cloud our very sunny state of Florida.

Actively Part of the Process


florida-house-ces-smFollowing proposed state legislation is paramount when you want to be part of the process. I was invited to speak before the Florida House Health Quality Committee regarding my opinion on a House Bill 1397-Medical Use of Marijuana, proposed by Representative Rodrigues.

This bill has a lot of very protective aspects to it. It considers our youth in a paramount way. One such aspect is in shielding them from direct marketing and prohibiting retail shops from being near schools.

There is MUCH to know about this issue, and you should watch the entire hearing, as Rep. Rodrigues does a great job explaining the bill and answers many questions from the committee members.

You can watch the recording of the hearing – CLICK HERE

If you want to hear what I had to say, I come on at 56:00 minutes into the session.

It was a sincere honor to be heard. Our government is very accessible and it was a true educational experience.

At the end of the day, HB 1397 passed this committee in a resounding way, 14-1!

It is now in the Appropriations Committee.

To track the bill go to:

By the way, one of the perks about going to Tallahassee is I traveled in style in a private Learjet!!



CES Joins Local Charities to Create Good Effects

CES for a Drug-Free World is part of a local charity coalition that meets monthly at the the fabulous historic Fort Harrison which provides the impeccably beautiful venue and delicious lunch.

As part of the amazing monthly luncheon we bring in speakers and presenters who help each of us attain success for our non-profit organizations and charities.

This month featured a “Speed Networking” game brought to us by devoted community member and true friend, Tonya Lewis of Children with a Vision. We all had 6 minutes each to introduce ourselves to another and speak about our purpose. This was incredibly fun and productive. One group, which was the featured charity this month, was Keep Pinellas Beautiful.

An affiliate organization to Keep America Beautiful, this incredible group works in programs which preserve the beautiful environments of our neighborhoods. I was very excited to connect with them, as CES will absolutely get involved in our own neighborhood and “adopt the neighborhood” in the near future. Stay tuned to all we do to Keep our Community Beautiful!


Visit: https://www.facebook.com/keeppinellasbeautiful/

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