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Feb 2, 2016 | Community Betterment News

There is a well-accepted saying: “You are what you eat.” Okay, sometimes we actually prefer to “be” a donut or maybe even an amazing buffet of Italian food! No argument there! But for overall health, we can pretty much agree that eating right, taking in more fresh foods and avoiding the fake stuff, is a pretty safe bet for longevity. One would also say that keeping away from ingesting harmful drugs is also a smart path to having and maintaining a healthy body.

Clearwater Community Gardens logoCES has joined Clearwater Community Gardens in their wonderful project to revitalize the struggling East Gateway neighborhood of Clearwater.

As part of the neighborhood we live in, we are happy to work in this activity. Our host organization is the Clearwater Garden Club which has been in action since 1950. They seek to bring delight to Clearwater residents through outreach programs, community projects and social gatherings that promote the conservation and beautification of our natural surroundings and bring a sense of community.

We have a CES garden plot and right now during winter gardening we have all of these plants growing organically: longevity spinach, Red Russian kale, dinosaur kale, cauliflower, two types of tomatoes, green bell peppers, Thai basil, fennel, parsnips, Verona radicchio, Chinese cabbage and mustard greens!

Florida living is a real treat! And organic gardening, meeting neighbors and learning from one another, while creating good food, is just priceless.

 Healthy Bodies are Drug Free

Lynn Posyton with Mario Chirinos at the Drug Free World CenterTo steer children and others away from harmful drugs is a passion and something we are committed to as a purpose at CES. Talk about focusing on healthy living. That is a must to keep a body healthy – Keeping it Drug-Free!

Recently, Consumer Energy Solutions CEO, Patrick Clouden and other staff from our company joined several other Drug-Free philanthropists who work in their areas to educate many thousands on the truth about drugs. Ben Fialkoff from New York City and Mario Chirinos from Venezuela are seriously active in this calling!

We were all welcomed at the Drug Free World Center in Clearwater FL. The Drug Free World Center is open to the general public for drug education related events and briefings 7 days a week.

CES is proud to use the effective materials provided by The Foundation for a Drug-Free World. These many materials cover each and every drug out there. For more information on the foundation and the materials: www.drugfreeworld.org.

To receive any materials or for a drug education event by our CES staff,
please contact: Lynn Posyton at Lynn@CESstaff.com

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