CES Working to Help Our Youth Live Drug-Free Lives!

Dec 2, 2015 | Community Betterment News

We all know that the youth of today will be the executives, the creators, the builders of tomorrow. With that in mind, we take drug-education seriously. How in the world can we expect the genius in today’s youth to develop into the working genius of our future if they are drug-addicted? We lose potential genius each day to drug addiction. The social cost of this is astronomical.

The key to avoiding this hell is education. Educating youth with the TRUTH about drugs is how we do our part in securing many young people from the horrors of addiction.

This month CES for a Drug-Free World visited Bishop Larkin Catholic School and Dunedin Middle School to deliver drug education to 150 children.

Below are some of the things that the kids wrote about their experience. Just click on each image to    

Engaging children is vital! The presentations we provide are relevant and interesting and filled with just the FACTS!

Using the materials from The Foundation for a Drug Free World we have quite effective materials for our mission! For review of all materials, visit their web page: www.drugfreeworld.org

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