Business Energy Rates in Maine

Maine electricity rates and Maine natural gas prices are at record levels, but when you get the power of Consumer Energy Solutions working for you, you can get the best prices available and lock them in for a time period that puts you on the winning side.

When you’re a solo business owner and electricity customer, you don’t have a lot of pull with energy companies to negotiate a good energy plan. Individually, you can’t sway the energy companies to lower your energy bill by much, because you’re just one person. Your electricity bill or natural gas prices in Maine can be through the roof because of this.

But when you work with Consumer Energy Solutions, we have the power of numbers on our side. We help tens of thousands of businesses a year all over the U.S. including thousands from Maine business owners. When we negotiate the cost of gas or electricity plans, we can leverage those numbers to get you competitive energy rates.

Consumer Energy Solutions is Your Energy Broker

As a natural gas and electricity broker, our whole role is to negotiate the gas rates and electricity in Maine rates to get you the lowest possible cost. And then we offer it to you with a plan that will save you money.

Our Process

  1. With a copy of your bill, we can analyze your historical usage, rate class, zone, and load profile along with the number of accounts you manage to ensure you will receive the best rate(s) your account(s) qualifies for.

If you are currently under contract, we can still help with forward start pricing. We have the capability of locking in today’s low rates for when your current agreement(s) ends.

This will not have any negative effect on your current agreement. In most cases we represent the supplier you are currently with. So, we have the capability of pricing your accounts directly to negotiate on your behalf.

  1. We will take this information and get quotes from 25+ suppliers in your area and leverage our relationships to negotiate preferential rates for you then relay that deal to you.
  2. We use our knowledge of the current energy market to recommend what type of rate and contract is best for your business.
  3. Once we have the agreement between you and the energy supplier we will walk you through the terms and conditions, like legal information and cancellation fees, or answer any other questions you may have before you sign.
  4. Once everything is signed you’ll be introduced to one of our customer service representatives who will assist you with any future questions.

Consumer Energy Solutions Works To Diversify Energy

We know what’s important to you–a low price–but we also know that renewable energy is important, and so we work to make sure that solar projects and wind projects are always on the radar when possible. We want our energy to be safe, clean, and as affordable as possible for your business.