Pennsylvania Commercial Energy Rates

Whether powering air conditioning in the summer, or heating in the winter, Pennsylvania is in need of a good energy supplier that won’t break the bank. Energy deregulation creates competition between energy suppliers, putting the power in the hands of the consumer by allowing them to choose who they’re going to get their power from. 

Consumer Energy Solutions, works as a broker, dealing with power companies to get you the best electricity and natural gas rates in Pennsylvania.

Because we represent so many different energy consumers in Pennsylvania, we’re able to negotiate much better electric plans and natural gas prices than you’d be able to get on your own. We pass the savings onto you.

Contracts for Energy Rates

When you enter into a contract with the energy supplier, you are getting a fixed rate plan for your electricity bill, locking in a cent-per-kwh rate that will stay the same for the length of your contract. No matter what the weather, the stock market, or the other power companies do, you will be paying the same fixed rate for your electricity supplier. Same for your natural gas needs. Whatever cent-per-term you sign up for, you’ll maintain for the full term of your contract.

Commercial Energy Rates in Pennsylvania

power lines

The same goes for commercial electric rates and commercial gas prices in Pennsylvania. When we operate with businesses, we will negotiate the best rates with the electric and natural gas suppliers, and then we will pass on the savings to you. It’s what allows us to get the most competitive Pennsylvania energy rates, and be the most affordable Pennsylvania natural gas broker and electricity broker. 

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CES was founded in 1999 and over the past 22+ years has serviced everything from small mom and pop shops to fortune 500 companies. We represent the largest and most reputable energy suppliers in North America and have an impeccable track record at securing the lowest rates possible.