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Sep 1, 2014 | Community Betterment News

CES is out there making a difference!

Consumer Energy Solutions always makes time to work with groups who are helping their community. Real help! Help with all types of education by providing speakers and events which impart knowledge so that lives are truly helped and increased survival is the name of the game!


CES provided 140 pencils and sharpeners and Truth about Drugs booklets to the Save Our Students of Tampa Bay kids.

At their annual Back to School event, CES showed our support and helped fill the free backpacks!


At Community Learning Center we were proud to engage in Etiquette lessons with the children taught by the amazingly wonderful Peggy Patrick. Proper table manners were learned during a special luncheon class event. The children loved learning proper behavior and all about how to be welcomed back to someone’s home.


Truth About Drugs bookletsTeaching the TRUTH about drugs brings us face to face with many issues in our community. Working to find like-minded people who truly care about children is something we accomplish daily. In Florida we are facing a huge change that we felt the absolute need to become fully educated about. Marijuana! With so much controversy and passion over an upcoming constitutional amendment, we chose to bring in the best educated on the subject and we formed two events called Marijuana the Absolute Truth. We had Mr. John Redman, the Executive Director for Californians for Drug Free Youth, from the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area in San Diego. Mr. Redman is both a friend and an outspoken proponent of our Truth about Drugs program and he honored us with his expertise, time and abounding energy.

We also had two expert speakers from Drug Free America Foundation and Save our Society from Drugs. Calvina Fay and Amy Ronshausen brought a vast understanding of what Florida is facing. Additionally, the director of the Vote No on 2 campaign- Dr. Jessica Spencer presented the amendment in full detail and answered many questions concerning it.

These distinguished experts really gave a broad and complete education on marijuana, what is happening in other states and what it will mean to Florida should the amendment pass in November. All questions were addressed and with overwhelming interest and concern, many like-minded people were brought together to find their way of helping educate others as well.


While here, Mr. Redman toured our CES-sponsored Community Learning Center. Mr. Redman enjoyed talking with the kids about drugs. They had many questions and viewpoints that they really wanted to share. Parents were immediately engaged after the children came home, many remarking how the kids made them watch the DVD with them and read the booklets with them.

One young girl stated: “I will not do drugs because it is so STUPID! And it makes you ugly too!” Out of the mouths of babes!

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