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Mar 4, 2016 | Community Betterment News

Help Thy Neighbor

CES has been busy helping our neighbors by assisting with a jobs training program.
As part of the Adopt Greenwood program and in partnership with our Martin Luther King Community Center, each week we are helping to bring benevolent individuals and organizations to the area so that we can provide life skills and job training to the community.

After detailed surveying of the neighborhood, the number one “need” that came up for the residents, was jobs! So we are helping to deliver the needed elements so that people are employable and can find proper jobs and possess the needed skills to keep them!


Clean Up, Clean Up, Everybody Do Your Share!

CES volunteers joined hundreds of citizens in our area to be part of Keep Pinellas Beautiful. On a gorgeous Saturday morning, our downtown Clearwater business district received a lot of TLC from over a hundred folks who brought out the brooms, rakes and glass cleaner to make the storefronts and parking lots sparkle!

Joined by community leaders, businesses and many groups, including a bunch of Florida State University students who came all the way from our state’s capital in Tallahassee to help, we feverishly worked and made the town shine!


Our Vice mayor, Jay Polglaze and his opponent for City Council seat number 3, Bob Cundiff, joined our cleaning brigade.

Incredible food and drinks were donated by local restaurants and businesses: Starbucks, the Historic Fort Harrison hotel and La Fondita de Leo, to name a few.

Our CES group was acknowledged as a vital contributive force and we won a $100.00 gift certificate to Gala Gelateria for our team to enjoy a gelato and crepes feast!

Helping Our Communities with Real Drug Prevention

It was our fourth year of sponsorship, and our CES for a Drug Free World team attended the Tampa Drug Summit, bringing all the effective materials from the Foundation for a Drug Free World with us and distributing them to the hundreds of attendees. This summit brings together Law enforcement, drug prevention educators, Prevention alliances, grassroots groups and many dream-team speakers from around the country.


This important event is hosted by our friends at Drug Free America Foundation and Hillsborough County Anti Drug Alliance This was a 3-day summit and we learned so much from around the country in all areas pertaining to drugs and drug prevention and drug addiction. We are now armed with current data and strategies and will be much more effective in our purpose to keep children and communities safe and drug free.

Taking the Helm in Supporting Youth while Focusing on Drug Awareness and Education

Concerned Businessmen's Association Tampa Bay logoCES Volunteers are part of a non-profit organization called Concerned Businessmen’s Association of Tampa Bay (CBA Tampa Bay). See the CBA Tampa Bay Facebook Page.

Educating the public on the truth about drugs is one of our strong purposes. This includes today’s highly potent marijuana and the main psycho-active compound in it, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

THC is the compound that creates the euphoria and intoxication and its percentage in marijuana has steeply increased over the years to the point of some marijuana products containing nearly 98% THC!

Concerned Businessmen’s Association Tampa Bay decided to address this issue of raising awareness and educating the public on the truth about THC. Mayor Cretekos and the Clearwater City Council presented CBA Tampa Bay with a mayoral proclamation which states some important facts about THC and this proclamation declared February 29, 2016 THC EDUCATION DAY in the City of Clearwater, Florida. READ THE PROCLAMATION HERE


The neighboring city of Largo Florida followed suit and has signed a similar proclamation confirming March 7, 2016 to be THC Education Day in Largo!

To Kick off THC Education Day, CBA Tampa Bay also introduced a very exciting Education/Research/Art contest for individual students and for schools. Big cash prizes to be won by Tampa Bay and neighboring schools and youth groups who enter.

This is SUPER Exciting and we hope that many students and schools participate! Here is a link to the Contest Rules: THC Education Day Contest

Also on this day, CES presented an educational event on THC and marijuana to two local schools.


Clearwater Academy International and Washburn Academy welcomed us to present the contest and an educational component to an assembly of children from 6th-12th grades. This was an incredible event where children asked many questions regarding marijuana and THC-laden products, including vaporizing THC, and we discussed the many THC-soaked edible products which are often packaged in ways that are very attractive to youth. 

We hope to have a huge participation in this very engaging youth project and we hope you help spread the word to your school, your groups within the counties listed below:

  • Pinellas
  • Hillsborough
  • Pasco

Click Here to Learn More About the Contest:  THC Education Day Contest


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