Drug Prevention Education, Literacy, and Spreading Good News—Activities We Are Passionate About All Year Long!

Jul 31, 2019 | Community Betterment News

Keeping our youth away from harmful drugs is something we really take to heart at CES.

As a sponsor of a vital Tampa Drug Prevention Summit, put on by Drug Free America Foundation, CES continues our partnering for real change and support.

This annual event brings together many who are involved in drug prevention, drug rehabilitation and drug enforcement. Incredible speakers come for this amazing 3-day conference.

The keynote speaker was our acting Drug Czar, Richard Baum. Mr. Baum has been a devoted representative of the Office of National Drug Control Policy for many years.

It was a pleasure to hear him speak of the importance of drug prevention education as being paramount in keeping drug use down. I had the pleasure of meeting with him and having a nice discussion about our country and its drug epidemic and was able to show him the Drug Free World materials which are so effective in educating youth on the truth about drugs so that they can make informed decisions about them. All materials are available at no charge to any who would like to use them. The website: drugfreeworld.org has all of them available at your fingertips.

Should you wish for my help in bringing a presentation or a workshop to your group or school, I would be most happy to do so.

We certainly put our hearts into our good works and will continue to do so by partnering with and supporting those groups who love and help children. Just email me at lposyton@cesstaff.com

Community Learning Center Grows in Size and Strength

CES has been a proud sponsor and supporter of the Community Learning Center (CLC) for many years.

CLC has been tutoring the children of the community for over 20 years! The success of one-on-one tutoring is paramount, as individuals do not learn at the same pace or with the same methods. CLC works with the individual and provides the exact help they need to academically advance in any subject.

The free homework help tutoring is so special and as mentioned, is free. Volunteers provide this help to anyone who would like it on two different days each week.

The CLC Academy is a private school from K – 6th grade. Our CES staff always looks for clever ways to contribute to these kids. We have dress-down days, where we pay to wear jeans and this funds our music and arts activities for the kids. Along with the singing lessons they receive from a professional singing coach, each month I go over to CLC and read to the kids and we create a fun craft.

It is a fantastic way to show our love and assistance and we would hope that other companies follow suit and simply love and help children wherever they can.

On the Radio—Where Good News and Good Guys Meet!

Shouting out the good deeds of others is something we love to do.

CES has sponsored a radio program called The Talk of the Town on WTAN 1340 AM in Clearwater, Florida.

We are now hosting our own 1 hour long segment of the show each week and we bring on guests who are local good-guys and do wonderful and cool things. We have featured many different good guys from non-profits that are really making a difference, to cool musicians in our area, and shout-outs of unique events!

CES believes strongly in creating beneficial effects around us and the Talk of the Town radio show is our unique way of spreading the news about all the good!

We hope you tune in each week on Tuesday nights from 5 – 6 pm to find out about the cool community which we are a part of!

If you are out of town you can go to TanTalk1340.com where the podcast airs, or you can have even more fun by watching me, Lynn Posyton, aka “Lynn About Town,” LIVE on my Facebook page each week.

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