Energy Choice Matters! Let Me Tell You Why…

Nov 25, 2020 | Electricity

Here we are in November of 2020. What a year!

In these trying times we at CES have become even more passionate about our purpose—to help our commercial customers get the best rate for their energy in the current market. We have such good relationships with the Energy Supply Companies we work with that we can easily make such a promise. And every time it happens, our sales team is fired up, knowing they are truly helping the customers we work with.

When an employee knows that their actions are aligned with a strong purpose and they are truly helping people, there is something that happens on a kind of spiritual level. Morale soars. The team comes together and unites. A winning attitude comes alive. Goals are met and truly, fun is had by all. Even during rough times! It’s amazing!

Anyone who knows me, knows I love helping others win. I love to see another person figure out how to achieve their goals and succeed—big! I’ve been able to help do both of these things by providing the work environment we have at CES. We are experts in the energy industry, and we take great pleasure in helping a customer figure out how to save on their electricity and natural gas.

In the best of times business is not always easy. There are barriers, unexpected turns and stressful times to get through. When you have a team bound together with the common purpose to help their customers, and who possess the knowledge and skills to achieve their goals, and then spurred on by successes become hellbent on doing more of it, nothing can stop them. Not economics, not government regulations, not competition, not natural disasters and not a pandemic! NOTHING stops them. I know this from first-hand experience.

And for me, if pursuing what I love is the game, the reward comes like this:

We have a customer in Massachusetts who recently had some staff-turn-over, so we found now we were working with a new contact person. This new contact person had enrolled the company with another supplier, unaware they already had a contract in place. Our CES Customer Service team was able to step in and work with both suppliers to help the customer out of one of the agreements, saving them over $1,100.00 in termination fees. Plus, their new contract increased their rate by 2 cents per kwh! The rate increase alone would have cost them $1,700 more annually. Because we have great working relationships with our suppliers, we were able to get the customer back on track, save them the rate increase and save them the termination fees. This customer was very happy with our help.

Another customer wrote to tell us, “People need to see that your company is PRO-customer!”

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