Energy Efficient Smart Homes and Commercial Buildings—What is CES Up to Now?

Oct 9, 2019 | Energy Efficiency for Business

Alright–what does the word smart mean? When we’re talking about a machine, a system or a device, it is smart when it is equipped with electronic control mechanisms and capable of automated, independent, and seemingly intelligent operation. It’s basically a smart machine, system or device if it uses a computer. It can access WiFi and run apps (just like a smartphone).

So how do you turn your smartphone into an energy efficient smart system monitoring your home or commercial property? The answer is simple with OPTE—you download an app, you get some basic equipment and a monitoring service and you’re off.

How does OPTE help you become MORE energy efficient at home or at the office? It gives you full control of lighting, thermostats, and even water heaters. If there are times of days where home heat or air conditioning do not have to be fully on because no one is there, this can easily be programmed so that temperature goes up or down when you leave and returns to a comfortable setting before you return home. This can save money on your electric bill. You can also manually adjust it from your phone if needed. A water heater can be programmed to stay warmer when hot water is needed and cooler when it’s not.

If you leave home for a few days you do not have to leave any lights on. They can be programmed to go off and on in an energy efficient way. This is all true for a commercial building as well and has the potential to save even more on electricity.


OTPE can allow you to control music and appliances from a distance. It can lock or unlock doors. And there is an added feature of a truly affordable and user-friendly system that can handle home or business security. It gives you full control and allows you to arm or disarm your system from anywhere with your Smartphone.

Plus there is no contract required for any part of this service!

OPTE can send notifications instantly to your phone if someone comes to your door, you can look in if you want to know what your kids are doing or even what your pet is doing. It even allows for two-way communication.

For your business you can set up full comprehensive security solutions that include video surveillance and closed-circuit TV. You can set up intrusion detection and protect your business against break-ins and unauthorized entry. You can even have full fire protection and stay compliant with Code Inspections.

OPTE can give you full access control to the buildings and spaces in the building. You can restrict access to some areas and reduce overall liability.



You can use equipment you already have or install a full new system.

All equipment can be installed yourself or you can have it professionally installed by highly trained technicians.

The equipment needed is very minimal. OPTE has a Hub that is the central brain and control center for over 250 possible add-ons. But simply put, once you have converted light bulbs to Smart Bulbs, and you have a blue tooth or Z wave1 compatible thermostat, these can be set up to communicate with the OPTE Hub and then controlled by your Smartphone.

The basic security package of equipment for a small business or home is very affordable and the monthly monitoring starts at only $16.95 per month!

You can always add on more if you want to. You can do indoor and outdoor cameras. You can add additional sensors or even a keypad that can go on the wall or in a drawer.

You can have indoor and outdoor lights controlled.

You can customize the equipment to your property’s needs. Cameras come in a variety of designs with free live look-in, two-way audio, high definition video, IR night vision, and you can receive notification and video clips.


There is so much to tell you about. Call me today so we can find out how CES is bringing OPTE services to you! Call Jeannine at 844-277-0043 or email me at

1Z-Wave: a wireless network designed by Zensys Inc., to provide communication between devices in a home or commercial control network. Z-Wave may be used to control lights, heating and air conditioning, appliances and home security, among other functions.

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