DID YOU KNOW that our Customer Service Department answers the phone Monday through Friday between 8:30 am and 5 pm E.S.T? That is rare in this industry and many others. DID YOU ALSO KNOW our Customer Service team is not outsourced? They have an office right on the same floor as our Energy Consultants and they help customers with after-sale issues all day long. They answer customer questions, address any concerns and even take feedback regarding our services. All LIVE and in person.

Through our 21-year history we have established great contacts with every supplier we represent. This gives us the ability to address customer issues fast.

One problem that can come up with our customers is their employee turnover results in a change of contact person in the company. In other words, the person we worked with initially is no longer there and a new person is in charge. Here’s a real example that occurred just this week:

We had a contract in place with a customer. The contact person changed and the new person wasn’t aware of our contract. Another company contacted her and persuaded her to switch suppliers. She was not aware that there would be termination fees for breaking the original contract. In fact, the termination fees amounted to $9,500!

CES Customer Service Department assisted this customer. We helped her reinstate the original contract with the original supplier to avoid any penalty. We went a step further. This new person didn’t understand how energy deregulation worked. So we spent the time to educate her so if she gets other calls she will know how to properly respond.

The customer’s response to all this was, “Wow! This has been GREAT Customer Service!”
We have stories like this on a daily basis!

If your business is in a deregulated state, I invite you to call us for a FREE Rate Analysis for your business.