Have You Been Thinking Of Upgrading Your Business To LED Lighting?

Why do people buy things? What motivates us to make a big investment, especially where our business is concerned. How can you be sure it will be worth it?

No one wants to waste their hard-earned money. And no one really likes laying out a bunch of money up front for new equipment. We do this only when we can see that the RETURN on this investment will make it worthwhile and even then that outlay of money is a tough decision.

You’ve been hearing about the savings LED lighting can offer—but it may seem risky to you. What if it doesn’t actually save money? What if the expense far outweighs the “benefits?”

These are not ridiculous questions. Any business owner is going to ask some or all of these questions.

An upgrade to LED lighting might seem scary. But I want to give you some facts. First of all, at CES we have access to very high-quality LED lights through our partnership with Global Energy Services. What does that mean? It means our LED lights are commercial grade, not residential grade. That’s right. There are features about our commercial bulbs you simply can’t get anywhere else!

Here are a few of the financial reasons to switch to LED:

  • LED lights use significantly less electricity to operate. Energy use can be up to 50% to 60% less than what traditional lighting uses.
  • Fluorescent lights add a lot of heat to the room making the cooling system work harder. It should be noted that LED bulbs that are made with poor quality components can produce quite a bit of heat also. The better the quality of components used to build the bulb, the less heat they produce. Our LED lights produce NEARLY ZERO HEAT.
  • LED tube lights require NO BALLAST and no extra equipment to install.
  • Payback for an LED upgrade is usually less than one year.
  • Upgrading from fluorescent tubes to LED, we can reduce kWh consumption for lighting 60% or better.
  • Upgrading from incandescent and halogen lights to LED, we can reduce kWh consumption 80% or more.
    NOTE: None of these percentages take into account the drop in air-conditioning usage because non-LED lights are like heaters and increase the air conditioner’s draw of electricity to keep temperature at a constant.

Ask us how you can do an LED upgrade of your commercial facility with NO OUTLAY OF ANY MONEY and maybe even realize a POSITIVE CASH FLOW the first month!

Look at these pictures!

After installing our LEDs the colors in this gas station pop! Notice the blues and yellows and the way everything looks so clean. That’s not new paint—that’s LED lighting!

Here’s a photo of a warehouse mid-installation. The left side is done. The right side isn’t done yet. Again, notice the colors popping on the left. Look at the dingy walls on the right. It’s just changing the lighting that makes them look fresh and clean on the left!

This is one of my favorite photos! The middle floor of this parking garage has LED lighting. What a huge difference, huh?

Call us today and we will do an in-depth analysis of your commercial or industrial lighting situation. The funny thing about an LED retrofit is that you are already spending the money. When upgrading to LED you simply redirect what you are already spending. It’s truly very little out-of-pocket and often actually leaves you with a positive cash flow!

Contact Jeannine Hall at 844-277-0043 or email her at jhall@cesstaff.com.

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