Help a Local Business Expand and Learn How the Economy Works — CES reaches Out into the Community

Mar 29, 2021 | Community Betterment News

CES has been sponsoring a recording studio called InfoHub Studios where we record the InfoHub Show. The purpose is to bring attention to those enterprising, entrepreneurial and charitable individuals and groups in the community who are making a difference and bettering things by being there.

One such person is Claire Lore, founder of UnSinfully Delicious. Claire has traveled the world collecting fabulous recipes. She has been cooking since she could walk. And she is filling a niche for those who want great quality food but don’t have to cook it themselves. Not to mention it’s all at reasonable prices. Her food is mostly organic, wild-caught or grass-fed. She can provide Keto, Paleo, gluten-free and gluten-full dishes.

If a person goes to and places an order before Thursday at midnight in one week, the order is delivered on Monday the following week.

Here at CES we have several people who have been using this service and love it. Me included.

Check out our interview with Claire here:

Claire Lore – UnSinfully Delicious I The InfoHub Show

Claire sent us this lovely acknowledgement after our interview.

Have You Met The Tuttle Twins?

We discovered the Tuttle Twins online, subscribed, got the books for ages 5 – 11 and never looked back. When I personally read the books, and I’m 66, I learned things I didn’t know about how an economy works, how the free market works, and so much more! What would it be like to grow up with this information? What would it be like if school-aged children understood what’s in these books?

Here’s how they explain it on the website,

“How do you describe economics to a 7-year-old? Should your preteen care about the government? Are your kids learning about the free market in class?

“For too long, parents have been at the mercy of professional curriculum developers to instruct their children. History is watered down, key principles omitted altogether, and time and attention given to things of lesser importance. Freedom-loving parents have long been left alone to shoulder the burden of educating their children and passing down a love of liberty.

“While there are many books to teach these ideas to adults, there has been a profound void in the children’s literature market. The Tuttle Twins series closes the gap, helping parents convey the principles of freedom to their kids in a fun way.

“Each book in this series focuses on a different aspect of the principles of a free society: free markets, competition, individual rights, the non-aggression principle, personal responsibility, protectionism, and a variety of other issues—all boiled down to core concepts that children of different ages can easily grasp.”

The only thing I would add to this is parents and teachers are going to like the books as well!

To purchase the Tuttle Twins books, visit:

We shared our Tuttle Twins experience with the Community Learning Center in Clearwater—a tutoring center and small private school, which CES has partnered with and supported for years. And we found they were already using these books in their curriculum! Here’s what the Executive Director had to say:

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