How Important Is It For ANY Business To Show Their True Colors?

The answer to the above question may not seem obvious to you unless you understand the importance and value of state-of-the-art lighting.

Examine the photo above. What do you see? The left side has bright, vibrant color while the right side is dingy and everything is kind of yellow. The left side has been upgraded to our LED lights. This picture was taken as the job was being done. Since done, the new lighting is saving this company 70% on the lighting portion of their power bill as well as providing beautiful light with true color!

What do we mean by True Color?

All lighting has a rating called Color Rendering Index (CRI). This is best explained by looking at sunlight shining through a prism. When this is done you see 100% of the rainbow of colors. That would be a CRI of 100—the top rating. So the CRI of any light bulb is the percentage of the rainbow of colors picked up in the light put out by the bulb. Most LED bulbs have a CRI of 70 or 80. Our LEDs have a CRI of 90 – 92! That means you are going to see more great, true color!

The other term that should be understood is lumens—which is simply the amount of light a bulb puts out. Lumens are not dependent on wattage. An old fashioned 100-watt light bulb put out about 1,000 lumens of light. Today, some of our bulbs are only 10 watts but they put out 1,500 lumens of light! Watts, the draw of power from the energy grid, are what you pay for on your energy bill. Lumens aren’t what you are paying for, but they are definitely something you want. The most efficient bulbs have more lumens per watt than you’ve ever seen on earlier types of bulbs.

Bottom line: when you replace high watt bulbs with much lower watt bulbs that have higher lumens—you get lots of light for much less money!

Here are some actual customers with their before and after pictures:

Above is a car dealership in Texas. The “before” picture is on the left. After the upgrade to LED you see in the picture on the right the amazing color in the showroom. We were able to give them fabulous lighting and because of the low watts and high lumens per bulb they got MORE lighting while saving nearly 80% on their power consumption for lighting!

Here are the before and after pictures of a packaging company in Texas. No, that’s not new paint or a new finish on the floor in the picture on the right! It’s how things look after the upgrade to LED! Look at how the colors pop! This company has reduced the power consumption for their lighting by a whopping 80%!

There are many more reasons to upgrade a commercial building to LED lighting. For instance, the Section 179 tax deduction available to ALL businesses! There are also utility rebates or other incentives available in your area. In some areas, utilities are providing on-bill financing for an upgrade to LED. Combine this with the tax deduction and any rebates or incentives and you find not only is there NO money out of pocket to get this project done, in some cases there’s a return on any investment of as little as 3 months! The time has never been better to upgrade your commercial property to LED lighting!

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