Let’s Deck Those Halls

Dec 16, 2020 | Community Betterment News

Help others, spread some Joy, treat others how you wish to be treated and set a good example!

It’s the holiday season and as we at CES endeavor through production and end of year goal achievements, we are also very busy with charity events, planning out our joyful donations of our dedicated time and so much more.

We just completed being one of the 40 “pop-up stops” for the 36th annual Festival of Trees for the incredible Arc Tampa Bay Foundation, which provides services and programs for many people of all ages with developmental disabilities. In true 2020 style their event was much changed, often done virtually with selling many of their donated trees and wreaths online. All totaled it was a fantastic fundraiser thanks to the generosity and help from so many in our community.

Despite this year’s twists and turns, the Arc Tampa Bay Foundation raised approximately $18,000 from tree sales, wreaths and chance drawing tickets for the magical and prized trees donated by event sponsor, AmeriLife.

To find out more about this well-deserved charity, visit them at:


As I reflect upon it all, I think of my very dear mother, Arlene, who was the epitome of kindness to others! Despite having her own 7 children to raise and support, she could always find the time and energy for home cooking or perhaps fashioning a rose out of a piece of scrap ribbon, all to bring a smile to someone else. She enjoyed sharing all we had with total strangers from our summer camp programs and offering the pole workers a slice of watermelon on a hot summer day.

At Christmas dinner, my mom would always set an additional place for an “unknown stranger who might pop by wishing for some friendliness and a warm meal.”

One thing she often said to the 7 of us was, “Charity begins at home.” As I grew up, I realized how wise her words actually were. These are just four simple words, but as I work and live, they grow in meaning and importance to me. From my mom there was always an easy-going set of simple words to set us on a more ethical and more expanded, inclusive and active part of this thing called life.

Isn’t it so true that really helpful advice comes from the simple, wise words from others who genuinely care about us? Let’s all be sure to listen more to the words of those who care.


Our CES home of Clearwater and Tampa Bay hosts so many deserving charities which provide valuable tools and energies to deserving folks.

Our beloved Community Learning Center, right here in Clearwater is one of these.

The CLC contributes to the overall community by truly helping children with educational skills and so much more.

We have been involved in offering our CES help and energy to Community Learning Center for many years now. From raising money, doing monthly crafts with the kids, golf tournament fund raisers, to running a 50/50 chance drawing among our staff, assisting with social media, helping with marketing and public relations and much more!

This holiday season we wanted to spread joy and cheer for CLC. We are helping to create something very sparkly by producing a special holiday video for the parents to have and enjoy.

In true “Charity begins at home” form, Consumer Energy Solutions is extremely proud to work with such deserving and appreciative groups.

Please find out all about them and the effective services they offer.

For tutoring services visit: www.clctutoring.com

For private school information visit: clcacademics.com

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