When Life Seems Serious, Focus on Things that are Worth Celebrating!

Jun 26, 2020 | Community Betterment News

For a city like ours, which is rich in history and atmosphere, we find it easy to bring people together for such a festive purpose.

It is not every day that your bright and beautiful city turns 105!

For Consumer Energy Solutions, we make the City of Clearwater, Florida, our home!

Why? It’s the fun and sun and comfort and laid-back vibe. It’s the parks and shores and year-round events for people of all ages. It’s the spring training Phillies baseball games and the whitest sand Gulf beaches. It’s the great food, restaurants and top shelf concerts and shows at Ruth Eckerd Hall!

And it’s so much more! It’s where we raise our kids and where we set up business!

We are happy to love where we live. So much so that we engaged in a campaign to celebrate the city’s birthday with a special digital frame which we created, and we got our staff and the community involved.

In researching our city’s history, we learned facts about Clearwater’s growth and changes from 1915 to present day.

We gathered photos and took more photos and had people send in photos to commemorate the occasion.

It was great fun to receive the photos, pop them into the digital frame and send them back to people to keep as a commemoration.

We eagerly placed the videos onto many social media pages, and everyone experienced a lot of good will and happiness for being part of the celebration.

Please enjoy some of the video compilations and photos here.

If you wish to have YOUR photo placed into the frame and sent back to you for your own use, just email it to us at: info@GoodNewsTB.com

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