Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All!

Here at Consumer Energy Solutions (CES) we talk a lot about purpose—why we are doing what we are doing. Yes, everyone needs to make a living—but how you make a living can be a drudgery or it can be very fulfilling. The difference is purpose—why you are showing up to work each day. When you are reaching out to businesses all over the country in deregulated states and you discover you can make a huge difference for a small Mom and Pop shop or a huge industrial operation—you can get pretty excited. Who doesn’t like helping others save money?

This newsletter is going to give you a glimpse of what it’s like here at CES. You’ve probably never seen a center like ours and you may not have experienced such an energized group of people. We go all in for the holidays, and we really unite around the idea of helping others.

We say things like, “This is our CES family,” or “We have helped more customers this month than ever before,” or “Did you hear how we helped that business in Illinois?” These kinds of things are often discussed.

Ask a customer what is the best way you can help them and they are liable to say, “Can you save me some money?”

If that customer is talking to a CES Energy Consultant there’s a pretty good chance we can do just that—especially now in this inflationary time where prices are flying up.

Here are a few recent examples from different states—all have various rates.

  • A small pizza shop was paying 10.285 cents per kWh. We were able to secure a price of 9.037 cents per kWh and lock it in for 4 years. This was a small shop and still we were able to save them over $2,345 over that 4-year period.
  • A large manufacturing company was paying 15.44 cents per kWh. We got them a price of 13.19 cents per kWh and locked it in for 4 years. This saves them over $20,000 over that 4-year period!
  • We worked with a huge wholesale tire distribution company and found they were paying a whopping 43.64801 cents per kWh!! Doing a little homework, we were able to get them a rate of 15.59 cents per kWh! We were able to lock this in for 2 years and save them $210,000!!

We have hundreds of stories like this. So when we say we helped more customers than ever—we literally mean we helped more customers than ever!

And we can help you choose an energy plan for your business, manage risk and achieve budget certainty. Call today for a Free Quote, 1-866-748-2669.

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About Consumer Energy Solutions

CES was founded in 1999 and over the past 22+ years has serviced everything from small mom and pop shops to fortune 500 companies. We represent the largest and most reputable energy suppliers in North America and have an impeccable track record at securing the lowest rates possible.