A New Year Blooms With Activity And Community Support At CES

Feb 15, 2018 | Community Betterment News

Florida is known as the Sunshine State, but did you know that in Clearwater Florida, located in the greater Tampa Bay area, we are among the SUNNIEST CITIES IN the United States!

For CES, abundant sunshine in the winter months means that we are GARDENING in our neighborhood at Clearwater Community Gardens. Located just across the street from our CES Headquarters, CES has had a gardening plot there for several years now and we grow things year-round, thanks to our sunshiny days!

Not only do we garden, but we help to host and manage many fun neighborhood events, like our annual “Soup Day” where the neighborhood and elected officials are always invited to enjoy homemade soups and other treats from our many gardeners.

You can learn more about Clearwater Community Gardens by checking out their Facebook page at:


We really believe in Fun in the Sun, as we continue to grow healthy communities with our CES involvement.

In fact here’s a great article that shows that Tampa, Florida is in the Top 12 major city regions in the country with the sunniest days!


Promoting Charitable Deeds and Great Causes is Something We Really Enjoy Here at CES!

I was so fortunate in being able to learn many hands-on skills by going to an International public relations convention. I learned and worked with others from all over the globe.

Amazing people from Ukraine, Ireland, Colombia, Venezuela, to name just a few countries.

We were in Aruba and in Curacao and we honed our skills by working among the local people and shops and malls. Always focusing on real application.

Communication skills for press interviews, photography, survey procedure, and even putting on big events, were just a few of the professional areas we expanded into.

I learned so much that I really am excited to put these tools of the trade to work at Consumer Energy Solutions for the betterment of our community and to directly help other non-profit organizations in their great successes.


Humanitarian Campaign: The Way to Happiness Foundation

While in Aruba and Curacao we were working with the humanitarian campaign, The Way to Happiness Foundation. It was great fun and we really created happiness wherever we distributed that little common-sense guide to better living!

It is a non-religious moral code, based solely on logic. And boy does it work! It is used by individuals, clubs and organizations all over the world. You can read the booklet or watch the DVD and see it in action on their website www.thewaytohappiness.org and on their main Facebook page: The Way to Happiness International.

One of Our Absolutely Favorite Community Groups is Our Community Learning Center!

CES has been a proud supporter of the CLC for many years.

CES employees have been sponsoring a music and singing lesson program for the kids in the CLC Academy. Of course, right along with music is the love of arts and crafts that all kids enjoy. And since I love working with children and creating fun art projects I knew it would be a hit! So, each month I head to CLC with a theme, a book and a craft project.

Florida was celebrating Literacy Week and since the students were learning about planets, I kicked this off with a fun book on our solar system. What better way to enjoy a planet than by creating your own! So that is what we did. Enjoy the photos of these incredible creations! And be sure to stay tuned for the great pictures from our upcoming Read and Craft days with the CLC kids!

Getting out there in life and working for the good of your community is priceless! If ever there is a way to WIN at this game of life, I truly believe that contributing to things that enhance real survival is how to play!

I am very lucky to have the support and dedication of Consumer Energy Solutions. Each employee and executive in our company makes it possible!

We hope that by our example, more companies join in the game.

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