Why Should You Pick Up the Phone When Consumer Energy Solutions Calls?

Dec 17, 2019 | Good Business Tips

The answer to the title question has everything to do with one key word: service. We know that in a deregulated state, your business gets MANY calls promoting that state’s Energy Choice Program. There are energy supply companies that call you and there are other energy brokers that call you.

CES is an energy broker. We have relationships with major energy supply companies in all the states in which we do business. We just celebrated our 20th year in business and have helped over a million customers get the most out of their Energy Choice Programs.

But what does that mean? What sets us apart?

First of all, it’s important to know that when you are working directly with an energy supply company in your area, you are not going to get competitive rates. An energy supply company can only offer their rates.

We have the ability to negotiate pricing by putting energy suppliers in competition with each other to earn your business.

In fact, our promise to you is that we will monitor your account, shop the market, look for opportunity that will benefit you and any time a market-based opportunity arises, we will reach out to you and let you know.

Our purpose is to empower you with the information you need to make intelligent buying decisions about your electricity or natural gas.

This is how we work with ALL our customers.

We also have a full-service Customer Service department that keeps strong communication lines between the customer and the energy supplier. We are able to help handle any service-related needs after the fact of becoming our customer. If you call Monday through Friday during business hours, we WILL answer the phone and will take care of your issue usually faster than you could by calling the supplier directly.

Here is an example:

A customer had reached out to his supplier directly wanting to sort out the start date of his contract on one of many accounts. Though he tried and tried to explain this, no one on the supplier-end understood what he wanted and the customer became more and more frustrated. The supplier contacted OUR Customer Service department with a note that said first the customer wanted to have a new rate (which was not the case) and then after a couple failed attempts of clearing things up, he just wanted to cancel everything.

So in one conversation with this frustrated customer, we were able to quickly understand what he was asking. We sorted out his start date and all ended happily in short order.

Another customer was recently up for renewal. We contacted her and when we inquired with her energy supply company about pricing, we discovered that they had her on incorrect rates. We let her know about this and just got her a refund of $1,150.66—right before Christmas! She was very happy.

One other big thing sets us apart–the training we provide our representatives. Our training really helps them understand market changes and how this industry works so they can sincerely look out for your best interests.

These are every-day occurrences here at CES. As the CEO of the company, nothing makes me happier than hearing stories like this. Our service is truly what sets us apart. My advice to you is take the call when we phone. I’m sure you’ll come to see it was a good choice.

In fact, if you would like a Free Rate Reduction Analysis for your commercial enterprise, call us at 1-866-748-2669 today.

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About Consumer Energy Solutions

CES was founded in 1999 and over the past 22+ years has serviced everything from small mom and pop shops to fortune 500 companies. We represent the largest and most reputable energy suppliers in North America and have an impeccable track record at securing the lowest rates possible.