So much to do, So little time – Our CES solution… We Take On More!

Oct 10, 2016 | Community Betterment News


Lynn Posyton, CES Director of Community Relations with the amazing O’Neal Larkin, local golf star and community philanthropist

We are Happy to lend a helping hand to our neighbors at the Martin Luther King Jr. Neighborhood Center, Clearwater Florida.

CES helped with the planning, sponsorship and production of the MLK Freedom Swing golf tournament fundraiser at the Clearwater Country Club.

The MLK Center does incredible things for our local youth and families; providing after school activities, family help, tutoring and a community garden too!

We are happy to have been part of this special event and we will continue to partner with this benevolent organization because they are doing great things!


Check out MLK’s website at        Visit MLK on Facebook

Our CEO means business when it comes to the business of helping our youth!

So much so, that he created a non-profit organization called the Concerned Businessmen’s Association of Tampa Bay.


CEO of CES and Founder of CBA of Tampa Bay, Patrick Clouden with Florida State Representative Kathleen Peters, and Lieutenant John Connor of Clearwater Police Department

This membership organization has embarked upon its first important project which is a vital drug education contest.

We hosted a community briefing and then a press conference to ensure the public knows about these incredible contests with $30,000 in prize money for schools, youth groups and students in our Tampa Bay region.

Recently in our region, two schools had children and adults eat “gummy bears” which were loaded with drugs. Since we had no stores selling these in our state, legally, we surveyed our staff and friends and found that no one really knew that these edibles were actually available in our state! There are over 300 other edible forms of a psycho-active drug called THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). And these products are here and more are coming!

pot-tarts-posterIf you can’t spot the candies or sodas with the drugs in them, neither can the kids!

Patrick and many others in law enforcement and community groups as well as our elected officials feel strongly that more knowledge is needed to prepare parents and our youth with this current scene.

We hope many will register and take part in this unique opportunity to become educated and perhaps also rewarded with serious prize money too!


Be sure to check out the CBA website and Facebook pages to find out all of the details.

Visit our Facebook page: @CBAofTampaBay

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