Every generation brings to mind this sentiment. And it’s as true today as when Bob Dylan first sang the song. The times are definitely changing.

I want to introduce you to a new product for the new age we are in. But first it’s important to understand WHY we got involved with this product. Consider the following:

  • Imagine being able to see who is at your front door on your smart phone while you are out shopping.
  • What if you could turn your air conditioner down thirty minutes before you arrive home?
  • You’re looking at your phone and notice you left a light on at home or at the office and you simply turn it off with your phone.
  • You’re having a party and want to change the music and you simply pick up your phone and handle it.
  • What if you could receive security alerts and view live footage of what’s inside or outside your home or business?

You may be grumbling to yourself as you read this that you already have apps that can do all that. Some of the more tech-savvy folks out there may proudly say, “Yes, I have 4 apps for those functions.” Or you may grumble for another reason like, “Yea, and it’s hard to set up, hard to use and very expensive…I’ve seen it all before.” We don’t blame you. We said all of the above when we first heard about this product.

But then we met OPTE.

With ONE app you can control ALL of the above and more! OPTE is very user-friendly. And best of all, OPTE is very affordable!

Oh! you might say to yourself, “I already have a security system…” (We said that too!) OPTE integrates easily!

Want more information?

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