The first step is to conduct a lighting audit. All this means is we want to determine the specific lighting retrofit recommendations as well as the potential energy cost savings that these upgrades could generate in your facility.

This audit will document all interior and exterior lit spaces and will evaluate:

  • The existing lighting fixtures—many fixtures can be used in a retrofit,
  • How much power (wattage) is currently needed to operate them,
  • The average daily hours of operation,
  • The kinds of lighting controls (if any) are installed,
  • The tasks performed in various spaces are evaluated (to compare actual lighting levels with those recommended for the tasks involved)

With this baseline of current lighting equipment, requirements and energy use, we can assess how to maximize your energy cost savings, workplace productivity and safety issues. We can recommend strategies and lighting technology options tailored to your needs.

Building owners and facility managers of commercial, institutional and government facilities can achieve significant immediate and long-term energy cost savings through an energy-efficient lighting upgrade.


Lighting costs can be cut up to 50%

Energy-efficient lamps, ballasts and lighting controls, immediate and long-term energy and operational cost savings over their 1 – 20 year product life cycles.

Reduce Maintenance and Replacement Costs

Energy-efficient lighting components have service lives up to 10 times greater than standard products, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

Rapid Payback

Depending upon your hours of operation, a typical lighting upgrade delivers an average payback of two years.

Cooling System Savings

Energy-efficient lighting produces less heat, resulting in additional cooling system energy savings.

Leverage Utility and Government Rebates

Many utilities, state and municipal governments offer rebates and tax incentives for the installation of energy-efficient lighting.

A Capital Improvement that Requires No Capital

You can undertake a retrofit with little to no up-front capital through financing that lets you pay for the retrofit over time through a portion of the energy cost savings achieved.

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