What Goes Around Comes Around!

Mar 13, 2017 | Community Betterment News

CES has had a lot of good news throughout the month of February! A great deal of this good news comes from our Community Betterment activities! Our Director of Community Relations, Lynn Posyton, is always out there creating relationships with awesome people.

For example, Lynn has been giving weekly Drug Education classes at Center Academy in Pinellas Park. Every Friday she goes there and talks with a class and shares with them the Truth About Drugs. They are learning the facts about drugs such as painkillers, marijuana, cocaine, meth and other illegal drugs so they can make informed decisions and live drug free.  Coincidentally, Center Academy called me this month to come and give them an estimate on what it would cost to upgrade their lighting to LED! I am working with them to give them a great proposal which will result in about $650 worth of savings each month!

walker-ford-logoSimilarly, I was the person who negotiated the Ford Transit Connect Van for Lynn! Richard Van Peer at Walker Ford in Clearwater was so helpful and we were able to get the exact vehicle we wanted delivered right to our door! He was happy to help us knowing this vehicle would be used for our Community Betterment activities.

walker-ford-vanAt the same time Walker Ford decided they want to upgrade all their lighting to LED! So we are in the final steps of working that out and in the near future Walker Ford will have new and improved, state of the art LED lighting! Walker Ford stands to save almost $7,000 monthly on their electricity and the maintenance of their lights—just on the outside lights!

Visit them online at https://www.walkerford.com

Take a moment to study the chart at the top of this article and you can see the amazing savings that can be realized when one upgrades to LED lighting! If you’d like an estimate done on what it would cost (and save) to upgrade your commercial property to LED, call me at 844-277-0043 or email me at jhall@cesstaff.com.

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