Who is upgrading to LED Lighting Now?

The movement to switch to LED lighting is sweeping the nation. Literally. From cities in California to Rhode Island, from an island off the coast of Maine to a Florida sports complex, and street lights in Minnesota to New Mexico! Why?

  • Huge savings on energy costs
  • Significant reduction in energy usage
  • These bulbs last 4 – 5 times longer than conventional bulbs thereby reducing maintenance costs.

Here are some recent converts:

Clovis, California—June 27, 2016: Converting 7,600 streetlights to LED bulbs, saving the city $48,000 per year!

Providence, Rhode Island—April, 2016: About 16,800 Providence street lights are scheduled to be converted from sodium-vapor or mercury-vapor lights to LED. A significant maintenance savings will be realized. Previously the city paid $2.35 million per year to maintain streetlights. The new maintenance contract will service and maintain the city’s lights for about $480,000 per year! Besides the reduced maintenance costs they predict $1.7 million in electricity savings.rhode-island-led-lighting

Matinicus Island off the coast of Maine—November, 2015: Matinicus Island is powered year-round by diesel generators. Electricity rates are about four times higher than average for residence of this island at about 65 cents per kilowatt hour. Swapping a single 60 watt incandescent bulb for a 9 watt LED bulb can save $30 per year! There are 1,000 LED bulbs on Matinicus now that are saving about $8,000 per year on energy costs alone.

Seminole County, Florida—June 29, 2016: Seminole County Sports Complex 15-field facility now has LED lighting. This will save $1,114,000 over the next decade in operating costs and will cut energy consumption by 64%. They even have a 10-year parts and warranty backed by a team of area technicians that eliminates maintenance costs for the duration of the warranty!


Minneapolis, St. Paul and about 200 other Minnesota communities—October, 2015: replacing 100,000 streetlights across the state with LED lights over the next 5 years. Estimated annual savings: $36,000 to $60,000 for a modest sized city. Shown here is LED lighting on Lowry Avenue Bridge in Minneapolis.


Albuquerque, New Mexico—May, 2016: Approximately 19,000 city-owned street lights will be converted to LED over the next 2 years. The city has been paying $5.5 million per year for street electricity.  The mayor expects to save millions of dollars annually on energy and maintenance costs! Shown here is a pedestrian path in the City of Albuquerque lit up with special blue LED lights.


Other cities like New York, Seattle, San Jose, Los Angeles, Boston, Phoenix, Detroit and San Francisco have already transitioned to LED street lights.

LEDs offer brighter, higher-quality light than the yellowish glow from high-pressure sodium streetlights. One can even choose the warmth of the color of the lights.

“It is just better light,” said Jesse Foote, an analyst for Navigant Research, which recently published a report on the LED streetlight market. “It is night and day. You can actually see things because you are getting full-spectrum white light.”

At Consumer Energy Solutions we work with high quality commercial LED bulbs. Give us a call and we can help you understand how converting your city lights, parking garage or business to LED inside or outside, will save you money. Honestly, today it’s as easy as changing a light bulb!

Jeannine Hall

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