Natural gas prices are rising. In fact, European and Asian natural gas rates very recently surged from a pandemic low in May 2020 by 1,000 percent! In the U.S. specifically, natural gas rates for the month of August are at the highest level in a decade.

Surging natural gas prices means it will be more costly to power factories or produce petrochemicals. For consumers it brings higher monthly energy and gas utility bills.

The Energy Information Administration (EIA) stated, “Higher fuel costs for natural gas-fired power plants this year means that those plants will be dispatched for electricity generation less often, while coal-fired power plants will likely be dispatched more often.”

This could mean a short-term recovery on the horizon for coal.

However, it is short-term. The push for more renewable energy is well underway. States are moving toward a target date in the not-to-distant future when renewable energy will supply most, if not all the energy we use—pushing out the less expensive coal and even natural gas industries.

As your state moves closer to its renewable energy target date, you will at some point have no choice and will have to pay the higher prices of renewable energy. It’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when.

At this point employees of commercial businesses are returning to the office. Business is being done on an “as usual” basis rather than trying to accommodate so many employees working from home. So when your office phone rings and you hear it’s Consumer Energy Solutions calling, take the call.

Here at Consumer Energy Solutions, we have not skipped a beat. We have continued to reach out to businesses in deregulated states and have helped them set up the best rates for electricity and natural gas in the current market. We have honestly saved businesses thousands of dollars on their energy bills.

The time to lock in a fixed rate for your electricity and/or natural gas is now. Don’t wait another day because when rates start going up, we can find ourselves dealing with HOURLY increases! We can in many cases lock in rates for 3 or more years. Our professional energy consultants will do the homework for you and in this very competitive industry, help you find the rate that works best for you.

Call today for a Free Rate Analysis if your business is in a deregulated state—866-748-2669.