What Commercial Electricity and Natural Gas Customers Can Do NOW, to Avoid Inevitable Rate Increases

Jun 26, 2020 | Energy News

I want to jump right in and talk to you about what the graph above means. This graph is from the New York Mercantile Exchange, the largest physical commodity futures exchange. What do we mean by “futures?” This is short for “futures contract,” which is a legal agreement to buy or sell a particular commodity (such as electricity or natural gas) at a specified time in the future.

What we do here at Consumer Energy Solutions is we help you secure a futures contract with an Energy Supply Company offering the best price for electricity and/or natural gas in the current market. This could be one year, two years or even three years into the future. With this futures contract you lock in the current price for a specified future.

Look at the graph above. Do you see what has been happening to natural gas prices? It has been trending down since January 2019. Then in February 2020 we started feeling the effects of the recent pandemic. Electricity and natural gas suppliers have been extending “forgiveness” of past due bills. Many commercial buildings across the country have been shut down and Energy Supply Companies have experienced a dramatic decrease in demand. Both of these situations have resulted in substantial losses for the Energy Supply Companies.

These Energy Supply Companies and their customers will all pay the piper at some point soon. Energy prices will take a turn upward as the Supply Companies attempt to recoup their losses. Knowing this, what can you do now to protect your business and keep costs low?

Here’s what you can do—when you hear that Consumer Energy Solutions is on the phone, take the call! Our mission is to help you control and mitigate your electric and natural gas rates. There is zero reason to pay MORE for electricity and natural gas than the low prices that are here today.

So to expedite things and take advantage of the current low prices do the following today:

1. Collect the most recent electricity bill copies for all locations of your business. You can put these on a spreadsheet if you have multiple locations.

2. Give us a number to call you and what the best time to do so is and we can discuss your options. Email all of this to info@cesstaff.com or fax it to 855-585-1618.

The time has never been better to lock in a fixed low rate for your commercial electricity and/or natural gas.

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